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24th October 2019

5 Website Design Changes Content Marketers Want You To Make

People are on your website because they want to consume content – and NOT adore the design.

This isn’t to say that website design isn’t important. If good food is served in a good way, it delivers an enhanced experience to whoever is eating it. Right?

So, while you may have hired the best web design company in India and built a beautiful site, neither is this a one-time thing nor a one-person task. How your website looks and feels must be adjusted regularly in accordance with key metrics, as well as feedback from important stakeholders, including the content marketers.

Your content team can create high-quality content and distribute it across channels, but if the website design isn’t necessarily per their needs and strategies, the conversion would inevitably be less.

So, both parties must work together and not individually, as is the case in many organizations.

In that context, here are five website design changes content marketers want you to make:

1.Adopt minimalistic designs

In recent times, minimalistic website designs have become more popular – especially in niches like fitness and travel.

One of the biggest benefits of this, of course, is that such designs are quite lightweight, which positively impacts the site’s performance. For example, the site gets faster; it makes a big difference in its search ranking, as well as UX.

Another great thing about minimal website designs is that they are much friendlier and convenient to browse on small devices.

Your content team wants you to avoid the fancier designs and opt for something much simpler.

2.Incorporate videos on landing pages better

Including videos on landing pages can increase conversion by 86 percent. (Source)

This is one of the simplest ways to boost returns and yet so many web designers and marketers let go of this opportunity.

Your sales, squeeze and lead-gen pages should include high-quality, relevant videos.

With content marketing becoming “the” and “only” thing in the digital landscape, videos continue to soar high in trends.

So, ask your website designing team to make a proper layout for landing pages that effectively incorporates video content at its core.

3.Pick color schemes that suit the brand’s image

Picking color schemes for your website is much more than just “this one looks much prettier”.

Different colors convey different messages. They radiate different feels.

Picking which color scheme is ideal for your website should be based around your brand, products, and industry.

What’s the story of your brand? What are its values and vision?

What kind of products do you offer? How do these products help people?

What industry are you in? What are the existing trends in this industry?

These are some of the questions that must be considered.

Your content marketers want web designers to pick colors that suit the brand’s message, values, and overall persona.

4.Provide more navigation options

The longer a person stays on the website, the better – both in terms of ranking, as well as conversion.

There are many ways to improve the session duration. Creating high-quality, long-form content is only one of those ways.

Web design is an underrated aspect here that can play a significant role.

Evidently, if the website is good looking, it increases the likelihood of a visitor sticking around on the site for much longer. But there are also some smaller components to it – the much important ones – that shouldn’t be overlooked; navigation is among them.

Your website design must provide visitors with the room to browse around the site much easily and fluidly. Easy and visible navigation provides them that option. It helps them to go to relevant pages, know more about your brand and just engage with your site.

On the contrary, if the navigation is hidden or limited, the visitors are basically meeting a dead-end. So, after consuming the content (or doing whatever there are on the landing page for), once they have gotten the right value, they would eventually leave.

Your design team must focus on the navigational aspect of the site more with the intent to hook visitors with more options.

5.Make the text-content more readable

Overlooking the readability is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes on website designers’ part.

The font size is too large or too small. The font family does not suit the overall site’s design. The line-height is too less. The alphabets look too squished due to poor letter-spacing. The background doesn’t complement the color of the font.

All these make text-content comparatively difficult to consume, which hinders UX, eventually killing the potential conversion.

So, you can hire the best content writing services company and come up with a perfect blog post. But if the content is not easily readable, all your efforts and money will go down the drain.

More of content marketers, today, focusing on delivering good user experience, care about readability.


These are some of the things your content team wants to tell your website designers.

Remember, driving value from your digital efforts isn’t insular. Each department is interrelated to the other. If one falls, others will crumble too.

So, for maximum rewards, your content marketing, and web designing teams must work together. They must communicate more. Before any execution, they must discuss more. This is the ultimate rule of good results.


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