Content Marketing

5th May 2020

Kreative Machinez

The (Right) Content Strategy for This Pandemic

Unless your customers live on Mars, they are, in one way or another, affected by the on-going pandemic.…

31st October 2019

Kreative Machinez

7 Content Marketing Mistakes That You Cannot Afford In 2020

“Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” - Seth Godin Content marketing gets 3X more leads than…

24th October 2019

Kreative Machinez

5 Website Design Changes Content Marketers Want You To Make

People are on your website because they want to consume content – and NOT adore the design. This…

12th October 2019

Kreative Machinez

The Biggest Mistake Brands Make When Hiring Content Writing Services

If you aren’t putting out enough content across a few popular online platforms, your brand is almost non-existent…

5th July 2019

Kreative Machinez

How to Integrate Your SEO and Content Marketing Strategies (To Achieve More)

Content marketing and SEO aren’t singular... not at least in 2019. They are complementary, that work hand-in-hand to…