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5th May 2020

The (Right) Content Strategy for This Pandemic

Unless your customers live on Mars, they are, in one way or another, affected by the on-going pandemic. So, there’s just no way you can - and should - continue with your regular editorial calendar, disregarding the present crisis.

It’s time for business owners to give their digital game a hard look and change content strategy with urgency. Just ask the best SEO company in USA - they are already doing this for their clients.

The right approach is to accommodate, in your content strategy, the problems and challenges your target audience is facing due to the current situation. After all, little will people care about that “cool” list-based blog post and “cute” campaign on social media - if they are in the middle of a pandemic and do not have an adequate budget to purchase your products.

So, unlike what many brands are doing right now, which is completely blindfolding to the unprecedented times we’re facing today, you want to address these events in your content. You want to talk about the problems and challenges that you and your target audience are facing.

  • It will increase the effectiveness of your content (higher engagement, conversion).
  • It will add a humane element to your brand image.
  • It will improve your brand value.
  • It will bridge the possible gap between your brand and the real world.
  • It will keep your brand relevancy alive even when your business is economically hit.

These are many direct and indirect benefits of integrating the on-going crisis in your content strategy. And that’s exactly the first step you should take to keep your digital marketing efforts pertinent and appropriate for the now.

Of course, following, there are plenty of what’s and how’s you should consider when moving ahead with your content approach. They are many details and nuances.

Furthermore, just fixing your content end wouldn’t bring you the desired ROI unless you steer the at-large digital marketing efforts. So, you must immediately update your digital marketing strategy keeping in view this pandemic and the economic crisis that is to follow. For assistance, you can hire the best digital marketing agency in USA.

We have sufficient resources on this subject to help small and large business owners. Give the following blog posts a quick read:

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  3. 3 Digital Marketing Tips To Capitalize When Your Customers Are Quarantining
  4. Help Your Digital Marketing Agency Help You During Recession

Good luck! :)

Audio : The (Right) Content Strategy for This Pandemic


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