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6th April 2020

3 Digital Marketing Tips To Capitalize When Your Customers Are Quarantining

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, the consumption behavior of your customers has changed - and so has their financial standing.

This demands a (dramatic) change even in your digital marketing strategy.

At present, people aren’t necessarily looking to buy your bomber jacket or home decoration items. However, that doesn’t mean you give up on digital marketing for the time being. In fact, this is a great time to double-down on your efforts and investment. When your competitors are taking a reluctant approach, you should even hire the best digital marketing agency USA based and work along with them to grab a significant part of the market size.

To help you with that…

Here are three digital marketing tips for when your customers are quarantining:

1. Redefine Your Content Strategy

digital marketing agency

This is important!

Right now, most of the people are hooked looking at this pandemic. Sticking to your original editorial calendar might not be a good idea. You must change your content strategy.

Produce content that your audience might find relevant during this climate.

For instance, if you’re in finance, talk about how the recession will affect people. If you’re in food, teach your audience newer recipes.

Produce high-quality and relevant content in large volume. Make sure it fits the current needs, preferences, and habits of your target audience.

2. Invest In Paid Ads For ToFu Attention

best digital marketing agency

It is a classic demand-supply. When the demand for paid ads isn’t high, the price will come down. And that’s exactly what we’re experiencing with Google ads and Facebook ads right now.

CPC and CPM are going down.

Tap on this to amass more attention to your brand at a cheaper rate.

Invest in paid ads to generate Top of the Funnel attention. Reach out to more people. Tell them about your business; tell them that your business exists.

The more eyeballs you attract, the higher will be the chances of conversion when the economy bounces back.

So, now is the right time to spend more of your resources in winning ToFu attention.

3. Amp Your Engagement Game

digital marketing agency California

From one end when you’re bringing the attention to the brand, on the other side you must also know what to do with that attention.

Once people are looking your way, you must convert that attention into the engagement. This is the key to building a lasting relationship with them that’s financially beneficial to you in the long-run.

So, amp your engagement game.

Produce more relevant content. Post regularly on social media platforms. Ask your audience interesting and resourceful questions. Partake in their conversations. Talk to them more. Deliver them high value for their time.


These are three digital marketing tips for the time when your customers are quarantining.

Shift your focus from selling to branding. While we are in these chaotic times, you can turn it into an opportunity and build a groundwork for your business to grow when the market is back on the right track. Adopting smarter strategies today can bolster your business growth tomorrow. So, make the most of the time your customers are spending in quarantine.

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