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11th April 2020

Help Your Digital Marketing Agency Help You During Recession

It’s not impossible. The world, after all, has sailed through many recessions. However, running a business during economic contraction is quite challenging. When your customers don’t have money to purchase your products, what do you do?!

Many business owners are struggling at present amid COVID-19 pandemic, which is hurting the global economy. Some of them have already pulled the cords from digital marketing. Don’t be one of them! As Rand Fishkin explains, “I don't think that now is the right time for us to stop our marketing activities. In fact, I think it's time to probably crunch down and do some hard work.”

It isn’t the time to pull back from digital marketing but rather double-down on your efforts, do some hard work, and create an infrastructure to bolster your business growth the moment economy comes back on track. This is the time to get closer to the best digital marketing company that you work with, tap on their expertise, and position your brand properly for the next wave of exponential growth.

Here are 3 tips on how you can help your digital marketing agency help your business during this economic contraction:

1. Don’t say “slow down a bit”

As mentioned, this is the time to keep going. With your competitors likely taking a backseat in digital marketing, the market less saturated, and the cost of ads going down, you can tap on this opportunity.

Instead of slowing down, invest more of your resources to reach out to more people and extend your brand reach. Boost your engagement; connect with more people. So, don’t ask your agency to slow down; don’t cut back on your spending. If you have the reserves, going in massively on digital marketing will take your business to newer heights in the long-run.

2. Let them brandify the existing marketing strategy

This isn’t the time to sell and seek short-term monetary goals. This is a small window of opportunity to bolster your brand positioning. So, instead of demanding more leads and sales, let your agency brandify the existing digital marketing strategy. Let them make the campaigns brand-centric.

Aim to boost brand awareness, engagement, and trust value. When you have positioned your brand well that people trust it, the financial rewards will inevitably follow. This is a perfect time to invest in your brand name. Let your agency do that for you.

3. Trust their tips and suggestions

They are likely the best digital marketing agency in USA. They have the data. They are aware of the trends. They know what they are doing. If you have been with them long enough and they have helped your business grow, it’s time to show them your trust. Trust what they are saying and doing for your business.

Listen to their suggestions. Let them work their way without interruption. These are crucial weeks. Talk to them, outline a short-term strategy, and let them handle the execution part. Allow them the space to work independently.


These are three ways how you can help the best digital marketing agency in USA help you. These are challenging times. It’s essential to not panic; think thoroughly about the long-term repercussion of every business decision you make.

At a time when nearly all your competitors have likely put digital marketing on the backseat, this is a great opportunity for you to double down on your efforts, increase brand exposure, reach out to more people, focus on engagement, and create a framework for your business to skyrocket to newer heights when the economy is back on the track.

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