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7th July 2016

7 Seo Tools That Professionals Use… And So Should You!

Optimizing your website for search engines is not as easy and fairytale-esque as the self-claimed experts has made you believe. While it is always recommended you outsource Search Engine Optimisation services of professionals, if you’re doing things by yourself, you’re going to need several tools to help you make efficient analysis and make right choices.

Here we list 7 handy SEO tools that top professionals use; and now you should too.

  1. While majority use Google’s Keyword Planner (from AdWords), the whole platform could be a tad difficult for newbies to handle, given it includes so (!) many options. is a far simpler alternative that ANYBODY can use easily. And it can help you search for right keywords rather quickly.
  2. LinkMinker- Having many broken links is a big SEO fail. So to keep a check on all the broken links on your website (and to fix it) you need this tool. It tells you about broken links and how many inbound and outbound links are pointing to it.
  3. Copyscape- Google penalizes websites that post duplicate contents from other blogs. To keep check of plagiarism, Copyscape is a perfect tool. If your content is even remotely similar- unintentionally- to something that’s already on the web, it’s going to tell you (and show you).
  4. Hemmingway App- You’ve probably heard thousands of time- Google (and other search engines) loves quality contents. And to create that ‘quality content’ Hemmingway App comes in very handy. You simply paste your texts here and it will tell you about the changes you should make in it- like the sentence complexity level, voices, and other grammatical errors.
  5. Snippet Optimizer- Even today Meta title and Meta Description plays a role in SEO, however minute though. Snippet Optimizer helps you optimize these Meta tags by telling what your competitors in the same niche, who are ranking better on SERPs, are using.
  6. Ahref- It is by far the best backlink analysis tool. Super easy to use, it offers a full detailed list of all the websites that linking to your website- including the outbound link relevance, negative impact (if any), the traffic it’s sending to you and much more. Although it has a very simple interface, it includes so many amazing options, you would need days to use it effectively.
  7. Google Analytics- Everyone uses this; chances are you do too. But the fact is, very few use it to its full potential. Analytics offer much more than just the basic data of your website traffic. If used efficiently, it could significantly help your conversion rate and ROI. So invest more time in this tool to understand its wide range of features like safety net profiles, filters, goal flow visualization, multi channel funnels and more.

These are the 7 important free/premium/freemium SEO tools that top Search Engine Optimization India based professionals use; and so should you to up your overall marketing game.

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