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5th September 2022

9 Common Twitter Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in This Year

Having more followers on Twitter and possibly getting verified (aka blue tick) is a universal social token of your brand’s reputation.

But incidentally, Twitter is also among the platforms where growing is more difficult.

So, the regular tactics of “let’s publish more content” may not necessarily work.

If you want to grow your business on Twitter, here are nine twitter marketing common mistakes you want to avoid in this year:

1. Not Publishing Threads

Twitter threads are incredibly popular in this year. They draw more engagement. So, if you aren’t already posting threads, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Publish threads that are valuable and interesting. Such long-form content can help you build a strong following on Twitter if you’re consistent in your publishing frequency.

2. Not Interacting With Other Accounts

Twitter is full of users who are interested in interacting with other accounts. If you're not actively engaging with these people, then it's likely that they won't interact with you either. It's important for any business owner to understand how to engage on Twitter because it helps them build relationships and develop strong brand awareness. Consistent engagement with the same people compels them to follow your account.

3. Not Tracking The Analytics

If you're not tracking your analytics, you're missing a huge opportunity to learn and improve. Tracking analytics is the first step in making sure that your efforts are working. It's also important to track what's working and what isn't so that you can act on it. (For example, if you're getting a lot of followers but are not seeing any engagement from them, then there is a problem. You'll then need to figure out how to drive more engagement; your content strategy will change accordingly.)

4. Using Wrong Hashtags

Using wrong or unrelated hashtags will end your tweets in front of an irrelevant audience. They will not engage with your content no matter how great it is. Even though the hashtag may increase your reach, your Twitter growth will be stagnated. Remember, hashtags are very powerful for discovery. If used well, it can bring a lot of awareness to your brand.

5. Following Irrelevant People

You need to be selective about who you follow and make sure they're relevant to your brand or industry. This means following people who are active in your niche, sharing content that aligns with what you want to achieve and are generally interested in the same topics as you are.

6. Not Tweeting Frequently

Another mistake that many people make is not tweeting enough - especially if they're new to Twitter or have never used it before. You should be posting at least once per day, but ideally twice or more daily. It's important that you keep posting consistently because this will help build up followers who trust your brand and engage with what you're sharing. If you need help with content creation, connect with a digital marketing services provider that specializes in social media marketing.

7. Adding Links to The Tweet

No social media company wants users to leave their platform. So, when you publish links, the reach of that post automatically gets very limited. So, the most fitting strategy for Twitter marketing is to not push any link at all or do it very rarely. So, no matter if every SEO company in Australia and across the world recommends sharing links on social media, you want to keep Twitter linkless.

8. Publishing Promotional Content

Promotional content on Twitter is a bad idea because it doesn't benefit your followers and can alienate them from following you. Instead of posting this type of information, focus on delivering value to your followers by sharing helpful tips, insights, and resources related to your industry.

9. Not Following Others

If your brand isn't very popular, don't assume that people will come and follow your business on Twitter. This makes following other accounts on this microblogging platform important. Following others is an effective way to build a community of relevant stakeholders who are engaging with each others' content. So, list down important brands and individuals in your niche and follow them on Twitter. Then start engaging with their tweets and threads.

Final words

As mentioned earlier, while as important as it is, Twitter is also a platform where growing your business is very challenging. But by eliminating basic mistakes, you can get a head start and move in the right direction. If you want to grow your account faster on Twitter, consider getting help from an expert digital marketing service provider.

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