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5th September 2022

Kreative Machinez

9 Common Twitter Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in This Year

Having more followers on Twitter and possibly getting verified (aka blue tick) is a universal social token of…

29th August 2022

Kreative Machinez

How to Resurrect Your Dead Facebook Page? (11 Tips) [Pt 1/2]

Nearly two billion people still use Facebook every day. (Read that again!) So, while you may have stopped…

12th January 2022

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10 SEO-related Questions You Should Have Answers For (Part 1/3)

Yes, it’s about content and backlinks and UX. But in between these, there are many nuances to SEO.…

25th November 2021

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5 Tips to Assess the Quality of Your Blog Posts

The word “quality” is quite subjective. The content that we find great, you might not necessarily like it.…

5th November 2021

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17 Tips to Trigger Positive Word of Mouth Marketing (PT 2/2)

Read the first part of this two-part series: 17 Tips to Trigger Positive Word of Mouth Marketing (PT…

5th October 2021

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A Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing (Part 1/2)

Did you know adding a video on your landing page can increase its conversion rate by up to…