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5th November 2021

17 Tips to Trigger Positive Word of Mouth Marketing (PT 2/2)

Read the first part of this two-part series: 17 Tips to Trigger Positive Word of Mouth Marketing (PT 1/2)

10. Create shareable content

Not every content you produce has shareability.

Content that gets shared more has several distinct properties that stand them out and compel users to share them in their circle.

For one, they have a high value proposition. Meaning, they have high utility or entertainment value.

They have visual appeal.

They are very targeted to specific audience segments.

They have enticing titles or headlines.

They validate the audience's views, opinions, and values.

They are easy to share.

These are only a few ingredients of content that get shared more. So, attend to the factors that make content more shareable. And then focus on those factors when creating content.

The more your content gets shared, the better it is for word-of-mouth promotion.

For help to create such content, connect with the best seo company in Kolkata.

11. ‘Own’ a hashtag

When you see the hashtag “#JustDoIt”, which brand do you recall? Or “#ImLovingIt”, which brand do you remember?

That’s what owning a hashtag means.

Of course, there’s no comparison to the top names who can invest millions of $$$ to brand a hashtag. But you can start somewhere…

With every social media post, also include your brand name as a hashtag. If you have a simple and attractive tagline, turn that into a hashtag as well.

Encourage people to use your hashtag when they are sharing your content or are trying to reach out to you.

This will create opportunities for your brand discovery and engagement, pushing forward the word-of-mouth promotion.

12. Distribute user-generated content

User-generated content is one of your biggest assets when trying to trigger WOMM.

The people who have left reviews and testimonials, as well as the positive comments or tweets, distribute them on different channels.

Let others know what people think about your brand and products.

Such authentic content will bring you more attention, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

13. Respond to people on social media

Many of the world’s leading brands now interact with their audience directly on social media.

In fact, you have heard about their savvy and interesting responses and conversations via media platforms.

One viral response brings them more organic impressions and engagement than highly resourceful campaigns.

Follow suit. Talk to people on all social media platforms. Respond to their comments. Initiate or join conversations.

14. Turn employees into brand ambassadors

Your employees can be great ambassadors for your brand. If they get the right experience, they can talk about you in their own circle, thereby helping you with word-of-mouth promotion.

So, as a first step, start treating your employees correctly. Ensure they are paid well and all their concerns are addressed properly.

Give them perks.

Give them reasons to feel proud about working in your company.

Over a period, by delivering your employees a great experience, you open a big window of organic promotion. Many of them would talk good about your company; you can use their reviews across different channels.

You can even encourage your employees to talk about your brand on platforms like LinkedIn. This can help drive interest in your brand.

15. Publish thought-leadership content

This isn’t as simple as it sounds. But if you manage to get it correctly, your content could get many re-distribution and re-publishing opportunities. You can win many shares; you can get your site backlinked by top publications.

So, create content that positions your brand as an industry leader.

If you need help, connect with a reputed agency that offers digital marketing services in Kolkata; an agency that has a strong content team that can help you create one such thought leadership post.

16. Build a good brand identity

If you see an article on Forbes and another one on some obscure platform, guess which one you would share? Or, guess which one you would cite in your conversations?

People talk about brands that have a good reputation and identity. They recommend such brands that are market-wide credible.

So, it’s essential that you invest your resources in brand-building.

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A good brand positioning will automatically generate interest and get more and more people talking about you.

17. Keep improving your product

This is the basic and perhaps the most fundamental part of the process.

If your product isn’t good, it will trigger negative word-of-mouth promotion.

So, it’s highly critical that you’re constantly improving your products, bringing new updates, and adding more value to people’s lives.

At times, a good product itself is sufficient to stir the crowd and get them to talk about you.

So, above all, bring the best version of your product to the very front. And then follow it up with the mentioned tactics to champion WOMM.

Final words

These are some of the most effective (and practical) tips to trigger positive word-of-mouth marketing.

As mentioned, if done the right way, it can snowball and unlock greater feats for your brand.

So, take definite and thoughtful steps to get people to talk about your brand organically and see your brand scale to newer heights. For help, get in touch with a digital marketing service provider.

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