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30th January 2020

659 Reasons To Integrate Your Branding And SEO Strategy

Okay, there’s no “659” reasons here. But whatever reasons we have in this post, they are sufficient to get you convinced about why you must integrate your branding and SEO strategy.

Whether or not brand is a Google ranking factor is still debatable.

In 2015, in one of the Whiteboard Fridays, Rand Fishkin said, “So is brand a ranking factor? No, it's not. Is brand something that positively impacts SEO? Almost certainly in every niche, yes, it is.”

In the same line, even Brian Dean of Backlinko suggests that branded searches are an important SEO signal.

Of course, as is with anything in the SEO community, there are some refutes even with this.

That said, however, few can deny just how prevalently important having a good brand value is today for any business owner.

Brand Is Everything

In the crowd of competitors that ramble on “who can offer products at the cheapest price”, brand value is that shinning piece of the puzzle that almost certainly assures big success and higher profit - at times, even when the products aren’t necessarily adequate.

“The best companies in the world don’t sell. They brand. For example, Apple never tries to “convert” you into buying an iPhone. Instead, they paint a picture of the “iPhone experience.” They focus on branding,” says Serial Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, who also believes that brand is all there will be left in the coming decades, outdoing every sales tactic.

Even if you sidestep these opinions on the importance of branding from thought leaders, you can take your own example:

Over the past month, how many times did you engage with a message/ad of a brand that you recognize and trust vs. those brands who you don’t know about?

Search Engines and Brand Value

Here’s another exercise:

Google something related to your niche. Almost 80 percent of the results on the first page will include brands that you already know of. They are renowned and reputed.

There’s a reason why!

Good brand positioning is a sign of good quality and sufficient value to the target audience. And that’s exactly what search engines want to deliver to the users: quality and value.

In one of the articles on Forbes, the CEO of Bliss Drive, Richard Fond affirms the same idea. “The biggest brands have monopolies on the best search queries. No matter your industry, there are bound to be a few Coca-Colas or Apples dominating your most coveted search engine result pages (SERPs),” he says.

How Your SEO Strategy Should Look?

Now, while your branding efforts should be adequately integrated into the SEO strategy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on the fundamentals of the latter.

You should still focus on the keywords. Your top-of-the-funnel SEO content should still be created around relevant and evergreen topics. You must still focus on link building.

In reality, integrating branding with SEO is all about the little details and various nuances.

For instance, your Call-To-Action button and messages should be redefined to include the brand name. You must amp up your internal link building game to drive higher engagement. Your anchor texts (both on and off-site) should be changed to include brand mentions. The website must be optimized well keeping in mind the branding strategy. You should effectively target the brand searches with relevant landing pages. Your middle and bottom-of-the-funnel content should be created thoughtfully with brand incorporation.

These are some of the many ways that top SEO agencies in USA and India deploy prominently in their strategies.

Of course, there’s much more to efficiently integrating branding and SEO strategies.

Hire one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata to help you with this.


As is with social media marketing that now demands deep brand integration over vanilla content to survive low organic reach and engagement, the same is required even in SEO.

If you’re really looking to dominate SERP, it’s important that you start focusing more on your brand name.

Google already prefers brands now. And as we move forward, it’s only going to get more partial towards brands in its attempts to outdo black-hat practices and deliver value to the users.

Take the step today or you’ll be left behind.

Audio Version :- 659 Reasons To Integrate Your Branding And SEO Strategy


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