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17th October 2022

9 Tips to Beat Instagram Algorithm in 2022 (& 2023) [Pt 1/2]

Over the past few months, Instagram has been aggressive in testing and deploying algorithm changes. Some are calling it a ‘TikTokization’ phase wherein Instagram is becoming more and more like TikTok.

For creators and business owners, it’s difficult to keep up with these changes and build (or maintain) a strong Instagram game.

In fact, many are struggling now with dwindling organic reach and engagement. Even Reels, which once did great organically, seem to have simmered down on the organic front.

This has left many wondering how to beat the Instagram algorithm and continue to grow on this platform. If you’re one of them, here are nine tips you can follow:

1) Invest More in Videos

You likely have noticed your Instagram feed is filled with videos. There’s a reason why!

The Instagram algorithm has long been pushing videos ahead of static images. And that trend continues still – and it is expected to become even more drastic in the coming months.

So, it’s important that a lot of your resources are channeled into creating video content. The number of your videos on IG should be much higher. If you don’t already, start pushing more videos.

If you need help creating videos, connect with an experienced digital marketing company in Canada that specializes in video content.

2) Post Stories Every Day

There are several ways IG Stories give a boost to your account’s organic reach.

If people are seeing and engaging with your Stories, it will subsequently also increase your other posts’ distribution and engagement.

IG Stories can also do wonders for your brand awareness, further increasing your regular posts’ reach. They can help you hook attention and funnel traffic to different landing pages. (Note: Swipe up option is available only for accounts with 10,000+ followers.)

So, start posting more IG Stories; aim for at least two every day.

3) Move From Single-Image to Carousels

It’s not that static visuals on Instagram are dead… but the way they are consumed has certainly changed.

Today, carousels are more popular vs. single images; this is especially true for educational content.

So, start posting more carousels. Make sure the first image has a striking hook and the following images are packed with high-value content and visuals.

4) Spend Time Writing Good Captions

It’s not just about videos and images. The caption you attach to the visual is equally important.

Unfortunately, many people don’t include any captions. And those who do, they just add a couple of lines and pack it with hashtags. Don’t be one of them!

Make sure your captions are meaningful and amplify the visuals. Give more context in the caption and hook attention for longer.

5) Be Consistent in Your Publishing Cadence

This is the most common and powerful Instagram growth tip of 2022.

If you’re looking to gain more followers and drive higher engagement, you can’t post on Instagram based on whims or when you’re “ready”.

The publishing cadence must be consistent.

Whether you have planned to push 2 posts a day or 2 posts a week, stick to that frequency.

The more consistent you are in publishing content on Instagram, the more consistent will be your growth in the early days.

Consider getting help from experts to create your IG content calendar. Get in touch with an agency that offers SMO services in Kolkata.

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