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3rd June 2019

Google Ranking Dropped? Fix it NOW with These 6 steps

It’s inevitable. But seeing your website's search ranking drop (and drop some more) is still no less disheartening.

A position that you worked so hard to rank for, it's now lost to your competitor.

It’s sad!

Fortunately, on the flip side, it isn’t too difficult to regain back that position. With a few curative measures, you can dismantle even your top competitors and be back in the game in no time.

Here are 6 tips you should follow when you're experiencing a significant drop in your Google ranking:

1.Has there been any algorithm update?

Google changes its search algorithm multiple times a day.

While a lot of these are just very minor changes, some, once in a while, make a significant impact.

If you’re seeing a sudden decrease in your search ranking, there's a good chance that it's a result of Google's very recent algorithm update.

Check out the company's Twitter handle to find about such update. If the update is a major one, you will also find about it on Search Console.

Along with it, you will also find a statement from Google on why and how websites would be affected. You can work around that statement to fix the problem.

2.Do competitive analysis

The website that has taken your position on SERP, it must certainly be doing something right.

Do a competitive analysis on that URL and domain. See if there are any areas where it beats you. And then work on those areas to improve your in-question landing page whose ranking has been hit.

(Maybe they have got more backlinks from top authority websites? Maybe their content is more in-depth?)

3.Amp your link building game

Backlinks remain one of the two most important ranking factors. So, if the ranking of your page is hit, a simple solution is to win for it more backlinks from good quality websites.

Guest blog on high-authority websites and link back to this landing page. More backlinks would improve its link equity, which will help it regain back its ranking on Google.

4.Improve your content

Maybe your on-page content is bad? Maybe Google doesn’t think it's relevant and of good quality? Maybe your competitors' content is much, much better?

Audit the content of your landing page whose ranking has dropped. See if it's optimized with the right keywords, if it’s engaging enough and if it’s bringing real value to the visitors.

Improve the content. Make it more in-depth and valuable.

5.Find UX-optimization opportunities

User Experience Optimization is the new Search Engine Optimization.

So, analyze your landing page and measure its User Experience. Check its loading speed, dwell time, bounce rate and other important metrics.

If you find any opportunity to improve the UX, do it.

Search bots don’t want to know how good your page is. They want to know how happy the visitors are browsing that page.

6.Source more link juice to the landing page

The most visited pages on your website-link them to the landing page whose ranking has dropped. Link them using the right anchor texts.

Sometimes even a small boost in link equity can help your page rank higher. This is more evident in highly competitive niches where every small detail matter.


if your page has ranked that high once on Google, it can hold the same position again.

You just need to stop doing what you’re doing right now, and make some quick and thoughtful changes.

But on the contrary, you must also not panic. Such reshuffles on SERP are quite common. There will always be someone who will outdo you.

The key isn’t to panic and channel all your resources on the affected landing page. Instead, you must consistently work to improve the collective SEO effort of your whole website.

Your individual pages will rank only as high as the DA, PR and brand value of your entire website.

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