How To Integrate Your SEO And Branding Strategies?

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How To Integrate Your SEO And Branding Strategies?

Say you Googled something. Now, on the result page, what are the chances that you will click on a URL/website that you recognize vs. a URL/website that you don’t know? Likely, very high!

Better brand positioning in context to awareness and trust can be the biggest difference-maker in increasing your organic CTR. Further, while the topic remains debatable, many experts believe that brand is a search ranking factor. If you have a renowned and reputed brand, it will be favored on SERP over others. (Of course, it must trade equally well on every other ranking factor.)

This is why agencies offering the best SEO services in Kolkata, India, now focus a lot more on their clients’ brand name and value. And this is exactly why you should follow their suit in heeding to your brand’s name so as to dominate SERP.

But, of course, integrating your SEO and branding strategies is a challenging task that also demands an in-depth understanding of content marketing. A simple and foremost step in this process is to showcase your brand name on the website in a more dominant way that drives higher awareness.

Next, a part of your content strategy should focus on branded keywords. This is especially true, and be done with more flair and promptness, if your website is already generating good traffic through branded keywords. In addition, a part of the content (preferably Middle of the Funnel content) should talk about your brand, its stories, value proposition, and mission.

Earlier, publishing static content just for the SEO purpose may have been acceptable. But when you’re also building a brand, everything about that content should be different – from tonality to formatting – with the primary intent to drive higher engagement.

Engagement is the backbone of the brand-building process. So, your content and overall website should be optimized around to encourage visitors to stay on the website for longer and take definite actions. The more they engage, the more they will become aware of your brand. At the same time, this will also decrease your bounce rate and increase session duration, which will boost your SEO.

Installing chatbot on your website is a great tactic. You can hook visitors through automated but personalized chat messages. A meaningful conversation can add to your brand value, all the while boosting your SEO through improved session duration.

There are many such small and big tactics you can deploy to do branding and SEO together. Like, using your brand name as an anchor text and collaborating with other relevant sites for brand promotion (or branded backlink).

Once your brand starts getting louder, provided you have done other things correctly, you will start noticing your URLs ranking higher on SERP for a wide range of competitive keywords. And since people now know you better, more of them will click on the results, which will increase your organic CTR. This will start a cycle, leading your website/business to dominate search result pages.

Now, sure, in theory, it all sounds good. But when it comes to execution, you will very certainly encounter numerous challenges, including how do you measure your brand growth. This is why it’s always recommended to work along with experts who can navigate you in the right direction and yield better results. So, find a good digital marketing company in Canada or India and work with them.

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