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7th February 2023

How to Write Threads on Twitter that Go Viral?

Writing long threads is one of the most straightforward ways to grow on Twitter in 2023.

But, of course, just blindly posting threads won’t cut it for you. The platform is saturated with this type of content. So, you have to be more strategic in your approach and execution.

Here are 7 steps to write threads on Twitter that go viral:

Research threads that are already viral in your niche (learn from them)

Take the time to research successful threads in your niche to see what elements made them go viral. Study the content, format, and tone to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Finalize a topic that's already popular on Twitter

Choose a topic that is already generating buzz on Twitter and add your unique perspective. This will help increase the chances of your thread going viral.

Create content that's concise and value-driven

Keep your content concise and focused on delivering value to your audience. Provide information that is useful, informative, or entertaining.

Spend a lot of time coming up with a compelling hook

The first tweet in your thread is crucial. Spend time crafting a hook that will grab the attention of your followers and entice them to read more.

Encourage your audience in the last tweet to share this thread

End your thread by asking your followers to share it with their network. This will increase the reach and visibility of your content.

Create a custom image at least for the first tweet in the thread

Visuals can help to increase engagement and make your thread stand out. At the very least, create a custom image for the first tweet in your thread.

Quote an expert in your thread and tag them

Quoting an expert in your thread and tagging them can help increase the credibility of your content and increase the chances of your thread being shared.

Announce a few hours early that you're dropping an amazing thread soon

Build anticipation for your thread by announcing it a few hours before you publish. This can help to generate buzz and increase engagement.

Publish and then engage with related tweets/threads that bring visitors to your profile

After you publish your thread, engage with related tweets and threads to bring visitors to your profile. This will add visibility to your new thread and open opportunities to build relationships with other users.

Respond to every comment in your thread

Engage with your followers by responding to every comment in your thread. This will build a strong community and increase engagement.

Retweet the thread 12 and 36 hours later

Increase the visibility of your thread by retweeting it 12 and 36 hours after you initially published it. This will push your thread to more eyeballs and continue to drive engagement.

Need help?

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