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8th March 2016

Negative SEO Techniques That Your Site Should Avoid

Certain negative SEO techniques are discussed in this blog that harms or affects your website. Have a glimpse of the blog to get to know about various negative Search Engine Optimization techniques that harm your website.

Optimization of a Search Engine is an intricate procedure that uses a number of unique techniques to augment the page rank of a particular website. Though there are a number of inventive ways that can lead you to the top ranks, certain pitfalls are there as well in Search Engine Optimization approach that should be avoided as they can harm your websites.

Mentioned below are few points (techniques) that one should avoid in SEO:

Usage of complicated or long URL: The search engine pages prefer URL’s that are brief and crisp. Pushing in special characters instead of the most essential keyword in the URL, will make repel search engine bots from indexing it

Duplicate content: Merely copying a text and simply pasting it in your website has a negative impact on your page rank. This gives rise to plagiarism issues. Duplicate content on multiple pages, domains or sub domains should be avoided.

Overdoing Keyword Density: Over usage of keywords leads to keyword stuffing. Using lesser number of keywords does not provide you an apt opportunity to offer your developed contents before the search bots for indexation. Wrong and inferior keywords can create a blunder.

Usage of Splash Pages as an opening: Splash pages show up application of various graphics as well as striking animations. Splash Pages are slow and take time to download, thereby delays the user from accessing your website. Usually a low rank is offered due to less content.

Applying outbound links to sites with weak page rank: It is always advisable to offer links to the sites that has original and essential content. Implementing outbound links to sites with low page rank can drop the page rank substantially.

Using lot of JavaScript and flash: Although one can make a website look attractive using Flash and JavaScript, search engines are not able to pick the keywords and links out of them.

By avoiding the mentioned drawbacks of work related to Search Engine Optimization one can save his/her website from being ranked poorly. Sprinkling keywords smartly in the content attracts inbound traffic. Never allow your website to get affected by the negative techniques that may seem alluring in the beginning but cause great damage to the website.

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