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18th April 2016

Staying Alert on the Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Google is known for constantly updating its algorithms at regular intervals to deal with different types of Black Hat SEO practices such as improper use of linking and keywords. Such changes more often than not affect the ranking of the search engine rankings of various websites which is definitely a constant source of worry for the site owners. Most site owners therefore try to stay informed in advance about the possible algorithm changes that Google is going to make in the near future and how it is going to affect their search engine rankings. While some algorithm updates tend to affect only a small number of websites, there are those that can significantly alter the ranking of a large number of websites.

The Secrecy Maintained by Google for Preserving Positive SEO Practices


It is always characteristic of Google to maintain a level of secrecy and not let others know immediately of the algorithm changes that they are going to make. This is done in order to prevent illegal SEO practitioners from rigging the system and finding alternatives to proper SEO practices. Moreover, Google also tweaks their algorithms daily so as to keep malpractices in check. It is therefore not always that easy to predict the direction in which Google is going to move. However, there are certain sources that might tell site owners about the SEO trends and moves of Google. So let’s have a look at some of these sources.

Sources That Allow Users to Understand the Nature and Direction of Google Updates


While it is important for a site owner to keep track of all changes in search engine result pages, the following sources will further help in detecting if there have been any Google updates recently:

  • SERP Trackers: There are SERP trackers like the Algaroo, Mozcast and Rank Ranger which can easily identify any kind of movements that occur in the search engine result pages thus allowing you to investigate the possible causes.
  • Announcements from Google: Google can make announcements of their latest updates or make information snippets available on occasions either directly through blogs or indirectly via their employees.
  • Forum Chatter: Monitoring popular forums is a great way to see whether any algorithm change or update has hit the internet. The forums are frequented by webmasters who can provide with valuable information in this regard.
  • Other News Sources: There can also be other news sources that tell us about latest Google updates directly through exclusive conversations with the Google authorities or its employees.

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