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14th November 2022

Kreative Machinez

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Program: A 101 Guide [Pt 2/2]

Read part 1: How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Program: A 101 Guide [Pt 1/2] Now that you…

26th July 2022

Kreative Machinez

Podcast Marketing: A Guide to Grow Your Audience (Pt 1/2)

There are more than 2 million active podcasts... there's a reason why! As we move forward, audio content is…

4th July 2022

Kreative Machinez

10 High-Impact Contextual Marketing Tips (Part 3/3)

In the previous part of this 3-post series, we discussed the benefits of contextual marketing. Check it out…

12th May 2022

Kreative Machinez

Account-Based Marketing (ABM): All You Want to Know (Part 1/4)

With the rapid rise of new consumer trends and business practices, marketing strategies are changing too to stay…

4th April 2022

Kreative Machinez

How to Fix Your Brand’s Bad Reputation? (12 Effective Tips)

Maybe one of your social media posts stirred some controversy. Maybe your product or service failed to map…

25th November 2021

Kreative Machinez

5 Tips to Assess the Quality of Your Blog Posts

The word “quality” is quite subjective. The content that we find great, you might not necessarily like it.…