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1st May 2020

The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake Brands Are Making During This Pandemic

For all those businesses who work along with third-party marketing agencies…

…we published a blog post a couple of weeks back: Help Your Digital Marketing Agency Help You During Recession.

If you aren’t one of these businesses, you should definitely consider hiring the best SEO services in Kolkata, or any digital marketing agency. During these highly challenging times, relying on DIY resources or a few in-house professionals can turn up to be fatal for your brand. You need expert assistance to survive through this phase and thrive once we’re on the right track, past this pandemic and economic contraction.

But then, of course, not every business is financially positioned well to hire the best digital marketing company. So, we get it if you can’t!

In such a case, it’s essential to be careful in every step you take forward.

The health and economic crisis that we face today is unprecedented. Barring a few in select industries (like healthcare and grocery), the majority of the businesses around the world are struggling.

To counter these challenges, you certainly need the right digital marketing approach.

Of course, there are many dynamics and nuances around how you can get your digital marketing “right” - there are many things to consider.

A simple tactic here is to look at other businesses and learn from them – what they are doing, how they are combating this pandemic, how they are surviving, and so forth.

To give you a head start in that direction, one of the biggest mistakes you will discover brands are making at present is sticking to their original digital marketing strategy. And this isn’t something you want to imitate.

These are different times we live in right now. And we are too far ahead to return back to normal. Even when COVID-19 is done, we would be in a newer world - both socially and economically. Consumer behavior would be relatively different. Their spending habit would stand changed. The way people communicate, what they talk, their patterns, and more – these all will be slightly different.

For business owners, accommodating these changes in their digital marketing strategy would be essential to stay effective, relevant, and profitable.

Unfortunately, many brands, even in this period, are still continuing with their originally-outlined (read: old) digital marketing strategy. And it’s a big mistake.

People don’t want to buy furniture right now. They don’t want to try those expensive SaaS products. They aren’t too eager to purchase that big television. They aren’t too much into those jewelries.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t (and shouldn’t) sell furniture, SaaS, TV, jewelries, and more. You sure can sell them successfully. But for that…

  • You need to tweak your digital marketing strategy to make it accommodate the reality of now.
  • You need to send the right messages to your target audience.
  • You need to publish empathetic and resourceful content for your audience to strike a chord with them.
  • You need to update your digital marketing strategy.
  • You need to make it appropriate for the changed circumstances of today that you (and the world) didn’t foresee back in November 2019 when you were outlining what was originally a kickass strategy.

So, many brands are failing at this. Don’t be one of them.

Sit today with the team. With a fresh perspective, look at your market or niche. Look at our target audience. Look at the trends in your industry. Create new buyer personas. Create a new editorial calendar. Plan new social media and PPC campaigns. Outline a new sales funnel. Draw a new customer journey map.

Change your digital marketing strategy to stay relevant in a fast-changing world.

Audio : The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake Brands Are Making During This Pandemic


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