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11th March 2016

The Power Of Using Long Tailed Keywords On Niche Topics For Better SEO Rating

SEO experts are back to basics, in the form of long tailed keyword usage. This particular search engine optimization technique is going to bring impressive results, for the immediate benefits like scoring over rivals, ability to target niche topics, cost advantage and the like.

The immediate distinction between shorter and long-tailed keywords in terms of efficacy is their different degrees of competitiveness. The longer counterpart is a more specific one to target certain niche topics with lesser competition, in comparison with “head” terms (more often searched key terms). This characteristic and competitive advantage associated with long- tailed keywords makes it a better choice for webmasters while designing proper SEO strategies to earn higher ranking in organic results, without putting in much effort. Besides, such keywords offer cost effectiveness while placing a bid on PPC campaigns. It can also help a webmaster for improving the conversion rate of his website. People making search queries with long-tailed keywords are more specific with their needs, and a site optimized with these specific key phrases is more likely to get their attention.

Talking about the usage of these long structured keywords, it needs to be a combination of exact match and generic ones. That grouping makes the search engine optimization approach more user specific, by enabling the webmaster to make

    • Logical segmentation of the keywords to be chosen for page/site optimization. You must be willing to attract visitors who are driven by a specific motive and are more likely to visit CTA pages. Though voluminous traffic increases the credibility of a website, a webmaster aims for higher conversion and seek for justifiable ROI. This segmentation hands over that advantage to you
    • Appropriate positioning of the keyword with respect to the niche and your competitors
    • Niche specific keyword choice that earns low quantity but high quality traffic volume. This achievement is directly proportional with the probability of improved conversion rates, while comparing with exact matched keywords
    • Better use of user intent to identify the target customers’ preferences. Without having to perform A/B analysis, you can spot what they are demanding

Google Now: A Classic Example

Search engine giant Google is leading the trend to come up with advanced features that offer fewer but more specific and authentic results, rather than placing a series of search results when a query is made. Developed mainly for mobile platforms, Google Now is a system that brings on most relevant search results by following voice commands made in normal languages. Of course such a command involves usage of long tailed keywords, and this is going to be the future trend to be followed.

In the era of frequent Google updates, it’s a resurgence that these keywords offer to result better website performance. Particularly for sites with too many subpages, or willing to have some backlink juices.

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