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20th December 2021

13 Best Digital Marketing Books You Must Read in 2022 (Pt2/2)

Read part 1 here: 13 Best Digital Marketing Books You Must Read in 2022 (Pt 1/2)

8. ‘Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide to Improving Consumer Insights Using Data Techniques’ By Mike Grigsby

The world of marketing analytics can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. This book will take you through the world of marketing analytics in an approachable and actionable way. It’s filled with practical lessons, detailed examples, and step-by-step guides that show how to turn data into meaningful insights that can improve your business.

The Marketing Analytics book offers a variety of tools to help businesses make informed decisions. It contains practical use cases and examples. If you’re getting started with analytics for your business, this will be a great read to understand the mechanics of each tool and use them efficiently. If you’re a marketer who already uses several analytical models, this may be a helpful resource to refresh your knowledge.

9. SEO For Dummies' By Peter Kent

Peter Kent’s book offers a concrete framework for proper customer service. In SEO For Dummies, he offers a strategy for addressing public and private complaints and grievances. In addition to the fundamentals of SEO, he talks about how to respond to the customer's complaint, and how to utilize the best tools and practices to profitably resolve company's problems.

With SEO for Dummies, you can easily develop a better customer satisfaction plan whilst navigating your way out of Internet service provider-induced frustrations. This book provides tips to transform your organization into a more effective and savvy team. From generating leads to driving organic traffic, this book teaches everything you need to know about marketing in the digital age.

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10. 'Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth' By Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mare dissects how startups grow, identifying the channels that matter. If you’re a startup founder or an entrepreneur, success depends on building a product that customers love and getting it in the hands of lots of them. If you can’t get traction, you can’t build a strong company. Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth features powerful, actionable insights and case studies from real startups that succeeded with the Bullseye Framework.

11. 'Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation & Practice' By Dave Chaffey & Fiona Ellis

Whether you are a seasoned expert in the areas of digital marketing or a person who is looking to start a business from your home, this book is designed to be user-friendly for all levels. Dave Chaffey and Fiona Ellis have conducted in-depth research on this subject and have presented the essential information that will provide people with a better understanding of how to use these tools to develop their business objectives.

This top marketing book teaches you the means to make the most of the modern online system, to advance your business. Whether you're new to digital marketing or just want to find out more about what's happening in the digital landscape, this book will provide you with the guidance and expert information you need.

12. '#GetSocialSmart: How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy' By Katie Lance

Are you looking for a social media strategy guide for your business? Need tips and tricks on how to manage your digital marketing efforts? Inside this book, you will learn the ins and outs of social media usage. There is a ton of useful information about how to build a strong social presence that will benefit both small and large businesses. The strategies, techniques, and tips provided in this book have been shown to work in business settings.

This book is full of stories, anecdotes and quotes that help convey the author's points and keep the reader engaged. Concise and easy to understand, you will love this book.

13. "Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business" By Pat Flynn

This guidebook contains proven strategies and tactics that will help you transform your followers into superfans. You’ll learn how to identify and grow your superfan base, and source ideas for future strategies for building your brand, earning more money, and creating a powerful business.

The idea of superfans is an essential shift in thinking for social media and marketing, and it’s the main theme of Pat Flynn’s book, Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business.

Do you want to start your own business but have no idea where to begin? How to market your brand? How do you get to know your target audience? If you’re looking for the answers, this book is just for you.

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Final Words

These are some of the top and highly popular digital marketing books. If you’re looking to improve yourself or want to scale marketing efforts at your organization, these books won’t disappoint you.

Purchase your first pick and start on your journey to learn digital marketing better.

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