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1st April 2019

13 Hacks to 2X Your Sales Page Conversion Rate

You can pull a killer social media campaign and get people interested in your products. However, if your sales page is dud, it won’t take long for that "hot lead" to go cold.

Now, creating a high-converting sales page is no science. In its most simplistic form, it's just understanding the needs and requirements of your target audience and crafting a strategy strictly around that.

But that said though, irrespective of your niche and target audience, there are a few fundamentals that, if executed well, can swing your result south.

So, if you're struggling with poor conversion, it's time to change that.

Follow these 13 simple hacks that will double your sales page conversion:

1. Send only the qualified leads

Many marketers rush in the game. Thanks to a poor and incomplete funnel, they start bombarding the prospects with the sales pages right from the get-go.

This doesn’t work. In fact, this hurts brand value.

You first need to groom your prospect before pitching them your products. This requires a good sales funnel, which demands a thoughtful content marketing strategy.

In short, never send a person to your sales page who isn’t likely to convert in the first place.

2. Include video in the page

Videos are everywhere. The consumption level is at its all-time high. There's a reason, after all, why 60 percent of B2B and B2C marketers now use video for marketing, and that the best digital marketing agencies are betting big on this trend.

All these reasons, in the mix with the fact that...

Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent

...makes including some form of videos on your sales page almost imperative. Have explainers or whiteboard videos. They are always good at driving engagement.

But if you've got a good speaker in your team, put her/him in front of the camera and let her/him be the salesperson.

3. Add social proof

Reputation is everything. This is why investing in brand value has become such an important thing in marketing today.

On your sales page, include your brand's social proof which hints at its reputation and trust that it enjoys in the market.

It could be anything... from the number of followers you have on Twitter to the "As Seen On" banner.

4. Improve its loading speed

It cannot be said enough times.

Even a 100-millisecond delay on load time can reduce the conversion rate by 7 percent.

So, improve the loading speed of your sales page.

5. Have enough copy

You're selling a product. You're convincing people why your product is right and why they should go with you over your competitors.

This cannot be summed up in a few words and lines. This is truer in the B2B ecosystem where the cost of the product is usually high.

Remember, it's your sales page and NOT homepage.

Design it correctly with enough visual appeal. And then sprinkle enough contents throughout the page that takes the visitors on a journey, answering all their what's, why's, and how's.

Of course, writing a good copy is easier said than done. You need a qualified copywriter by your side to create that magical piece of content.

6. Convince with guarantees

Uncertainty is one major reason why prospects change their mind and leave.

What if the product is not good? What if it's bad in quality? What if I lose all my money? What if it’s a bad deal?

So, it's important that you offer guarantees on your sales page to the potential buyers.

Like, money-back assurance, transaction security, easy return option and more.

7. Say no to stock photos

Nothing kills a good landing page than a bunch of stock photos that thousands of other websites are using as well.

It's unappealing.

To that, since these images lack the authenticity, they hurt the trust factor of the landing page. And this is fatal.

Create personalized images and then plug them wherever needed. Make sure they are in good quality.

8. Don’t tip-toe around. Be a salesman.

This visitor is already "qualified". The fact that he has been funneled to the sales page, it's a clear indication that he is thinking about buying your product.

So, don't spend too much time tip-toeing around the topic. Be direct in approach. Be a salesman. Push them the product without feeling guilty.

Tell them you want them to make the purchase. Push them the product again with different CTAs.

This is a "sales" page. Sell!

9. Have enticing CTA buttons

"Click here" "Purchase" "Buy" -- these are boring call-to-actions.

They work, no doubt. However, with a bit of creativity, you can make these CTAs even more enticing and engaging.

"I Want to Look Good" for fashion products. "Grow My Business" for SaaS. "I want to be happy" for self-help products. "I want a successful career" for the educational courses. These are some creative alternatives.

Sure they might not necessarily suit and convert for you. This is where A/B testing becomes so important on sales pages.

Juggle with different Call-To-Action buttons until you find your "one".

But the point is, avoid boring CTA.

10. A superstar-like headline

On average, 8 out of 10 people read headline copy; only 2 read the rest.

This alone highlights just how important it is having a good headline. So, take your time in coming up with a solid headline (and tagline). It should be short, crisp, attention-grabbing and well targetted.

Again, writing superstar-like headlines is not easy. So, take help from a professional content writer if needed.

11. Format your copy correctly

Nobody wants to read a large chunk of never-ending texts.

One, it's boring. Second, people don’t have that much attention.

While it's important that your sales page is peppered with quality content, it's equally crucial that the content is appropriately formatted.

Good font style, size, and family. Short paragraphs. Many bulleted points. Enough space between lines. Better placement/positioning of the texts.

 In short, make sure your copy looks appealing enough to read.

12. Include reviews or testimonials

  • 72 percent of customers don’t take action until they read reviews.
  • Displaying reviews for higher-priced products can increase conversion rates by 380%.
  • 92 percent of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

Still need a reason why you should include reviews or testimonials on your sales page?

Do it!

13. Have a FAQ section

For all those visitors who are still confused "should I or should I not buy it", having a FAQ section, somewhere at the bottom of the page, is a good idea.

Understand all the questions that a prospect might have in her/his head. Create a list of such questions. And then answer them in the most direct form. Don’t drag or be vague.

This is like the final nail in the coffin, either convincing visitors to finally purchase the product or leave the page.


These are a few fundamental tips or "hacks" that has helped many improve their sales page conversion rate.

Indeed, they don’t guarantee you the same good result. However, if you're good in implementation and A/B testing -- and if you have a solid team of writers, social media experts, and local SEO services providers -- they can double your conversion easily (and quickly).

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