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5th September 2018

4 Things to Learn from Digital Marketing Strategies of Successful Competitors

These are few top names in your industry because they have been acing digital marketing strategies.

Or, wait, maybe they have killer digital marketing strategies because they are the top industry guns?

Ugh. It’s chicken and eggs!

Regardless the heads and tails though, what’s evident here is that a lot of startups and SMEs can learn a great deal from the big market whales and their digital games.

However, sadly, obsessed to have their own ‘par-tay’ with their own set of rules, so many of these business owners hardly focus on what’s working (and what’s not) for the successful organizations. In an elegiac way, they never break off from the hard shell that they are in.

They know. But they never realize.

For instance, you know content marketing has become a ‘go-to’ to achieve digital success, yet you’re reluctant to create more contents. Or, you know branding is more important than ever. Yet, your strategies are entirely sales-centric.

You know. But you never realize and implement.

But that’s got to change. Right away. Here are 4 things you must learn from the digital marketing strategies of successful competitors:

1.Don’t just blog. Blog smart.

Today, blogging is important. To get indexed quickly and to trigger communication with the target audience. Also, blog articles are essential in a high-converting sales funnel.

However, just shelling contents is not an answer here. Your blog posts need to be smart. Meaning, they must have a distinct purpose and be targeted to the right audience. They must pave the way in the customers’ journey, which goes beyond making sales. So, stop blindly blogging with no sense of direction.

2.Add humane to interactions

Whether it’s in articles, emails or social media posts-having that robotic approach in your messages is a sure way to fail to achieve desired results. Gone are the days when something like this would work: "Thank you for getting in touch with us. We will get back to you soon."

The internet becoming more humane and less robotic, and so should be your messages. "You messaged, finally! We’re on a break right now but. Sorry. But hey, we'll get back to you in a jiffy." Such messages are much more effective, with proven record of higher conversion and retention.

3.Become a storyteller

Take any world recognized brand and each have a story to tell. How they came into being, what is the purpose behind their existence and what they want to achieve in the coming years. Nike, Cadbury, Tony Robbins, Airbnb and more-they all have a great backstory that gives them a distinct brand identity.

In this day and age when the competition level is ultra-high, this is what you require. A story-driven brand recognition. This is what that will separate you in the crowd, define your existence and eventually drive more business.

4.Say goodbye to the DIY mindset

Again, pick any successful name and you will find that they have outsourced a lot of services. So, it’s high time that those aspiring SMEs and Startups give up their DIY mindset and achieve better results with a cheap online marketing company in Kolkata by their side.

Find a company that offers good digital marketing services in Kolkata, fits right in your needs and requirements, and have a decent experience of working with companies like yours. If everything falls in the right places, you will immediately see good results in website traffic, lead generation and brand recognition.

These are 4 things you must learn from the digital marketing strategies of successful competitors. Follow their suite and your digital goals will only be a snatch away from you.

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