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31st August 2020

5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 1)

Imagine it being this simple: Everything you want your business to achieve, it all can be achieved with effective marketing communication.

Of course, your product ought to be worthwhile. (Although there are numerous examples of brands winning big in the market, despite poor products based entirely, on marketing. But that’s a whole different topic altogether.)

Marketing communications is the most fundamental element in the company’s growth.

How you interact with the prospects - the customers or clients – defines your engagement, sales, brand value, retention, and advocacy.

Now admittedly, making this interaction interesting and rewarding is easier said than done.

Sometimes the brands choose the wrong messages, other times they opt for the wrong platforms. And then there are instances when their entire approach is flawed.

Such blunders often turn into a PR crisis to a point that virtually kills the business in question. And over the years - especially in this digital-first age - we have seen several such examples.

To help you get it right and achieve higher ROI, here are 5 marketing communications mistakes that can turn into a nightmare and cost you big:

1. Getting Topical Marketing All Wrong

Yes, that topic is trending. And everyone is talking about it.

But can your brand join the same conversation? It’s an important question.

Topical marketing can bring you very high traction in a relatively smaller span. It can positively trigger word-of-mouth marketing. But then topical marketing isn’t right for every business; not at least every time.

In your effort to ride the wave and gain traction, you can make some insensitive, inconsiderate, or biased comments that can land you in a soup. This is especially true if it’s something on social and political issues, which, right now, is almost everything.

So, get very thoughtful of your topical marketing strategy.

Many companies get it wrong – and end up feeling the wrath of social media. This hurts their immediate sales and long-term brand value. So you can always seek help from a digital marketing company in USA or your chosen place to get your marketing strategies right on place!

2. Inconsistent Branding

Consistency is the cornerstone of brand recall and retention.

It’s also important to story-tell and build trust.

So, your marketing communications should very naturally have consistency across channels and content formats.

But that’s not how it goes with many businesses; they are also those who struggle to build a valuable brand and drive sustainable results.

In what you say and do – both digitally and offline - there has to be a seamless consistency and integration to your core values, vision, and mission. Even the website design and graphics should be consistent.

If not, your communications will fall ineffective. You will end up wasting a lot of money without really seeing the desired ROI.

Read next part: 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 2)

Audio : 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 1)

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