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3rd September 2020

5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 2)

In the previous part, we touched how it’s so easy to misunderstand and mis-execute topical marketing. And this is a big blunder than can really land any brand in hot waters. We also covered the drawbacks of an inconsistent brand message, which isn’t uncommon for businesses that are on multiple channels. If you didn’t read that part, please go here and read: 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 1)

Here are two other marketing communication mistakes that can end up costing you big:

3. Friction Between The Brand and Target Audience

For brands and small business owners, there exist seamless opportunities online. Not tapping on them is a big mistake. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t doing that.

And the first pitfall in their incapability to leverage on existing opportunities is the friction in communication between them and their target audience.

Assuming that people will make efforts to find you and your messages is almost absurd; especially today when your market is filled with so many competitors and prospect’s feed (and attention) is filled with so many distractions.

Your marketing communication should be frictionless.

Meaning, you need to be on as many platforms as you can where your target audience is. And you need to produce resourceful and contextual content on each of these platforms.

Avoid these frictions and get as close to your audience as you can. Be where their attention is.

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4. Thinking it’s “Too Much”

Despite content being at the epicenter of the digital marketing landscape, we remain conservative with our marketing strategies.

So many brands are way too cautious in producing content – to a point that they aren’t producing enough content in the first place. And when this is the case, they are unlikely to see any good (and consistent) returns.

You can never communicate “too much” with your audience.

If the message and context of your message are fitting, people will listen.

Lack of effort in interacting with the audience with the notion that it might be “too much” is a big mistake. Because you’re not only not building a content asset that will deliver you big returns in the long-run, you’re also letting go of opportunities in the present; you’re also leaving the space for competitors to occupy. And this is going to hurt your business now and in the future.

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Read next part: 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 3)

Audio : 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 2)

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