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9th September 2020

5 Tips to Increase Online Sales During an Economic Crisis [PART 1]

The COVID-19 helped Walmart increase its US e-commerce sales by 97 percent in the second quarter. In fact, per the US Department of Commerce, the e-commerce sales in the country grew more than 30 percent between Q1 and Q2 of 2020.

That said, not every business is going through a booming sales period at present. The above statistics paint only a limited reality through an averaged data and select industry. Owing to the economic crisis that this pandemic has brought, many small and medium-sized businesses across industries are struggling. Their sales have plummeted and they are left holding the last straws to stay afloat. Worse, with no signs of this pandemic taking a halt and global economy getting back on recovery, nobody knows when and how things will get better for such businesses.

If you’re in the same muddle, you aren’t alone.

Thankfully, despite the challenges, there are a few things that you can certainly do to help your business revive and inevitably thrive. It’s not easy but taking a smart strategic approach can pave you a long way.

In that context, here are five tips on how you increase your online sales during an economic crisis:

1. Combat Cart Abandonment

Cart abandoners are low-hanging fruits that you can easily convert.

These are people who have already shown their interest in your product. They even want to purchase your product. But they have, for whatever reason, abandoned their cart. It’s now your task to bring them back into the funnel and drive conversion. As opposed to targeting for a newer top-of-the-funnel acquisition, this is relatively easier.

Sadly, many business owners don’t even attempt to bring back their cart abandoners. And the top digital marketing agencies in USA believe this is a big mistake.

There are many advanced tools that make combating cart abandonment simpler and more effective. You can use one such tool to send these abandoners automated emails (after a defined period) that their products are still in the cart.

You can use their contact details to run retargeting campaigns.

You can offer them additional and limited-time period discounts to re-attract them.

Fixing your high cart abandonment rate is a whole different conversation. You can do a lot to lower this rate. Simple steps – done through automation – can make the biggest difference in boosting your sales.

If you’re not sure how to go about with this, consider hiring an SEO company in UK and have experts optimize your online store. They can help you reduce your cart abandonment rate and boost sales.

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