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24th August 2021

8 Tips to Use Videos to Improve Your SEO (PART 2/2)

Check out the first part: 8 Tips to Use Videos to Improve Your SEO (PART 1/2)

Here are the remaining tips, employed even by the top SEO companies in USA, on how to use videos to improve your SEO:

4. Include the transcript

A page with video and no written content would be extremely difficult to rank on SERP; since search engines can’t figure out what the video is about.

Adding a transcript of the video on the page enhances the page’s discoverability. Transcripts also bring keyword optimization opportunities; you can include relevant keywords in the transcript.

So, make sure to include the complete transcript of the video. It will play a key in getting the page to rank higher.

5. Make an attention-grabbing thumbnail

When the video manages to rank on SERP, what if people don’t click on it?

While generally rich snippets have higher CTR, this isn’t guaranteed. People must be convinced to click on the video result.

One of the ways you can do this is with an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Creating one such thumbnail is a separate (and long) conversation altogether. Consider getting help from the best digital marketing agency in designing a great thumbnail for your video.

6. Ensure amazing title

Similar to having a great thumbnail, you also need a great title.

The title of the page should be relevant, engaging, purpose-driven, and keyword-optimized. This is important for better ranking and click-through rate.

So, take your time to come up with a striking page and video title.

7. Have a video sitemap

This is important if the video is self-hosted.

Video sitemap can help search bots crawl your video and understand its content better.

The sitemap will include video title, description, thumbnail, play page URL, as well as other optional data like video duration, category, rating, and more.

So, do submit a video sitemap.

8. Make sure the video isn’t long

Many marketers thoughtlessly include long videos just to increase the visitors’ session duration. Needless to say, this isn’t an effective strategy. If the video is too long, what if the visitors leave without watching it?

The length of the video is very critical. It should be of an ideal duration that delivers optimum value to the target audience.

What this “ideal duration” would depend on your buyer personas. Based on the person you’re targeting, you can figure out the length of the video you should aim for. And once the data starts coming in, you can use it to adjust the length of the video. For instance, if a lot of people are clicking the play button but are leaving midway, they may find the video long. So, you should create a shorter video.

Final Words

These are 8 tips on how you can use videos to bolster your SEO strategy.

In the coming years, as video consumption is expected to grow further, videos will become more prevalent in the landscape.

So, stay ahead in the game. Create a video marketing strategy and integrate it into the SEO strategy. The right videos can help boost your site’s ranking and drive conversion.

To know more or for help with video SEO, get in touch with any of the top SEO companies in USA today.

Audio Version : Click Here

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