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5th August 2022

8 Underrated Ways to Grow Following on Social Media

Growing on social media is now more difficult than ever. This is why it's important to be smart in your strategy. While you need to do the basics, you should also look for opportunities that deliver more returns... opportunities that are untapped. Here are eight underrated ways to grow your following on social media:

Instagram carousel

A carousel is a visual display that shows multiple images or videos on a small screen. Instagram carousels are usually displayed side-by-side and show up to photos, videos, or posts from an account at the same time. They are very effective in storytelling and delivering educational content. They drive more engagement and are one of the best ways to build an audience on Instagram.

Ask Questions

Grow your following by asking questions that are relevant to your followers and their interests. For example, if you're a food blogger, you could ask people to share their favorite recipe or dish they've made. If you're an artist, you could ask for recommendations for places to buy art supplies.

Be authentic

A cliche “tip” or it’s worth mentioning. At a time when everyone is fronting on social platforms, being authentic is a growth hack. Your brand needs to be genuine and transparent in its interactions with followers across all channels. Be authentic when answering questions or providing customer service requests - this will help build trust between you and your customers - as well as allow them to learn more about what you do, who you are, and why they should follow you on social media in the first place!

Leave comments

Brands are so focused on creating original content that they forget to engage with their audience. Remember, social media is less about content distribution and more about engagement. So, leaving comments on others' content is one of the most effective ways to generate more engagement and drive traction. Spend at least an hour every day on social platforms to leave meaningful/thoughtful comments under the content of your audience, peers, and other stakeholders.

LinkedIn Newsletter

LinkedIn Newsletter is an untapped opportunity that many brands don't even know about. You can send daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. They are a great way to engage a niche audience and build a community of people who care about your brand. They also contribute significantly in build a dominant presence on LinkedIn. So, plan and launch your LinkedIn newsletter this week. You will thank yourself by this time next year.

Twitter Threads

Twitter isn't necessarily the best place to share long-form content - unless you're talking about threads. In the past year, threads have become an extremely popular option for content creators on Twitter. And it makes sense! Threads pack more educational value, which hooks the audience more effectively. If published regularly, threads can be an ultimate wand for you to grow your followers count on Twitter. So, in addition to short-form content, also publish long-form content on this microblogging platform.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories remain very popular, especially with businesses. And that for good reason! They’re short videos that disappear after 24 hours, but they have the potential to go viral if done right. They can significantly boost your brand's discoverability. Even if you have a small following on Instagram, consider posting stories regularly. Posting original content that brings entertainment or utility value can bring you better results.

Facebook Videos

Don't count out Facebook just yet. It still has a huge user base, so it's no surprise that video is one of the most popular content types on the platform. If you're looking to gain followers, creating and sharing videos is an effective way to do so. Of course, this doesn't mean you overlook text and image-based posts. But do prioritize videos above all.

Final words

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