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26th October 2021

9 Tips to Create Killer Landing Pages that Capture More Leads

Imagine you have a great lead magnet and outstanding value proposition but a poor landing page… This can really hurt your digital marketing ROI.

Sadly, many B2B and B2C brands do struggle with this. While they check every other box, the landing page remains underwhelmingly focused or completely ignored.

Remember, no matter the website theme you have chosen or the page builder you’re using, the default choice or existing templates may fall insufficient to map to your lead generation strategy. After all, your industry standards are different and so are your business needs.

It’s essential to create and optimize your landing page per your strategy, target audience, and overall offerings.

Now, you can hire the best digital marketing agency in India for assistance with landing page optimization, which assures better results. Contrarily, you opt for the DIY route, creating and optimizing the page yourself.

If you’re going with the latter option, here are nine tips that will help you stay on course:

1. Have multiple landing pages

The more landing pages you have (with distinct copies and lead magnets), the higher the chances of conversion.

Besides, within your target audience, there are various segments. Each of these segments has its own needs, requirements, and expectations. One landing page can’t address them all.

You need multiple landing pages; each of them should be created based on the needs and requirements of individual target segments. These landing pages should also ideally have unique lead magnets.

2. Try different CTA in different folds

The CTA button should be recurring in different folds of the landing page. Meaning, there should be more than one call-to-action prompt; all of them should be strategically positioned on the landing page.

Furthermore, these CTA buttons should be accompanied by different copies and visual distinctions.

The key here is to offer multiple choices to the visitors on the landing page; to provide them more reasons to convert.

Also, with multiple CTAs, you can also do A/B testing and see which one is converting better.

3. Ensure brand consistency

The design of the landing page should be great, yes. But it should also be integrated into your brand identity.

For instance, there’s a certain color scheme your overall website and logo follows. Make sure the landing page follows that visual consistency.

Similarly, the messaging on the landing page should be in alignment with your business’s core ideals and message.

A higher level of consistency across the board will help your brand build a strong identity and achieve greater recall value.

4. Optimize it for search ranking

The landing page is important. You want it to rank higher on SERP for long-tail, conversion-driven keywords. And this requires you to pull some SEO strings.

Meaning, optimize the page for search ranking.

It all starts with keywords research. This is an important step. If you don’t have extensive experience doing keywords research, connect with the best digital marketing agency India and get help from SEO experts.

Next, use those keywords in meta tags. Incorporate them throughout the content, without “stuffing”. Strategically place keywords in the header tags.

Link this landing page on other internal pages through keyword-rich anchor text.

There are several other SEO steps you should take to make sure the landing page can rank on SERP.

5. Lower its loading time

This is one of the most important parts of this whole process.

If your landing page isn’t loading fast, it will struggle to rank higher on SERP. Moreover, even visitors on the page will have poor UX, which will result in a lower conversion.

So, get together with your team of developers and work to improve the page’s loading time. You want to keep it under three seconds. The faster it loads, the better.

6. Check its mobile-efficacy

More people now access the web from their phones than from desktops. A large section of your target audience, too, is using smartphones to browse the web.

It’s important that your landing page is optimized for mobile users. And this has to do more than just with the page’s responsiveness.

Of course, the page must be responsive to smaller screens. But, in addition, there are various other elements you must consider, like the font size on smaller screens should be smaller, the navigation should be more visible, the page should not be too long, the color scheme should be more subtle, and more.

So, spend enough time ensuring the landing page is optimized for hand-held devices and deliver a good experience to those users.

7. Incorporate more whitespace

Whitespace is important to deliver a good user experience. It is one of those little details that make a big difference.

So, audit your landing page and see how it looks. Are different sections too cramped? Are the texts and images too overwhelming?

Think from the users’ POV. How will they feel when browsing this page? Will they have a good experience? Will they struggle to browse because of poor and inordinate structure?

A lot of UX woes can be solved by simply incorporating more whitespace on the page.

8. Avoid large chunks of text

This is a landing page to capture leads… and not a blog post. The content should be framed accordingly.

This means you should avoid large blocks of text.

Every fold should have small sections of text with adequate whitespace. The content should be formatted properly so that it looks presentable and is easier to consume.

The objective here is to make sure the visitors don’t feel overwhelmed by all the texts. Your message should be conveyed in a clearer way that people want to consume it.

9. Include a video

Including a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by up to 80 percent.

So, based on your business type, target audience, and value proposition, create a video and embed it on the landing page.

Animated videos can be a great choice here. Connect with an agency that has video-making capabilities and get a video made. Agencies that offer SMO services in India can help you with videos for your landing pages.

Final Words

These are nine effective tips that will help you create landing pages that capture more leads.

In the end, as mentioned earlier, understand that different businesses have different needs and requirements.

So, what’s important is that you create a landing page, optimize it, track the results and optimize further. It’s an ongoing process with room for constant improvements.

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