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29th November 2021

A Quick Guide to Create Impactful Meta Tags in SEO

In addition to the title and description, there are several other meta tags in SEO you should also focus on. Like heading tags, schema markup, viewport meta tag, image alt attributes, and more.

In this quick guide, we'll just focus on meta titles and meta descriptions- both of which are extremely critical for good organic CTR.

Admittedly, writing meta tags may not seem like a difficult task. However, there are many elements that come into the mix, influencing the impact of the title and description, thereby affecting your organic metrics.

It’s recommended to consult experts that offer the best SEO service in India for help.

But if you’re a DIY person, here are five powerful tips to create perfect meta tags in SEO:

1. Keep an eye on the length

There's no defined length for meta title and description. Google, in fact, doesn't even focus on the number of characters. Instead, it focuses on pixels. On the desktop, the maximum limit of meta description is 920 pixels. For mobile, it is 680 pixels.

When you quantify the pixels in characters, you should try to keep your meta descriptions less than 160 characters. For meta titles, it should be less than 65 characters.

Anything above this can get your result truncated. The incomplete title and description can hurt your click-through rate.

2. Include relevant keywords

This shouldn’t be stuffed or the keywords shouldn’t be awkwardly forced.

The keywords in your meta title and description should come naturally.

So, first, include relevant keywords in meta tags; don’t repeat the same phrase over and again; avoid stuffing.

When you have used the exact same phrase that people are searching for, this can boost your CTR.

3. Focus on the search intent

This is one of the overlooked meta tag tips.

Your meta title and description should be crafted around the intent of the searchers. What kind of content are they looking for? What kind of solutions are they expecting?

When you understand the intent of your target audience, you can tailor the meta tags in a better way, making the latter more effective and impactful.

4. Use numbers and special characters

In the midst of unending texts, numbers, special characters and emojis can catch attention quickly. And you can benefit from this!

Include numbers and special characters in your meta title and descriptions. This will make your page on SERP more attention-grabbing. This can drive higher clicks.

This is one of the simplest tactics every top SEO company Australia uses.

5. Avoid duplicate copies

This is especially true with meta descriptions. On many websites, you will find meta descriptions the same across several pages. Is this the case with you too?

Make sure the meta tags of every page on your website are unique. This improves the page’s search ranking, subsequently boosting its organic clicks.

Final words

These are five fundamental tips for creating impactful meta tags.

Remember, writing meta titles and descriptions shouldn’t take you hours. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t be careless about it either.

The right meta tag can make all the difference in your organic traffic. If you have any questions or need help, an experienced agency that offers the best SEO services in India can help you.

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