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22nd May 2019

Focus On Underpriced Attention: The Best Digital Marketing Strategy of 2019

Attention is the asset. And those brands and best SEO companies in USA that understand this, they have already won half of the game. Because when you have people's attention, you can virtually sell anything and everything.

So, as a business, if you are to sell your products, it's essential that you know how to win your audience's attention, how to turn that attention into a positive experience for them and how to keep them engaged until they become your brand's advocate.

With the right digital marketing approach, there are many ways you can do all these.

However, the fundamental equation in the process is fairly simple:

Platforms with underpriced attention + high volume of high-quality contents = Massive success

Your first task is to find platforms that enjoy high but cheap attention.

Following, you need to create native contents, of high-quality, for those platforms in large quantity.

More relevant and valuable contents, on the right platforms, would drive higher engagement, which, with mere consistency, would deliver you the desired results. Yes, it's that straightforward.

Now, of course, planning and executing an effective strategy isn't quite easy. It requires the right workflow, enough research work, unique ideas and a will to bring high value to your audience.

To get you started on the right path, here are some of the quick tips on how you can optimize your digital marketing strategy to focus more on underpriced attention:

1.Spend on Facebook, Instagram Stories Ads

Ads on both these social media platforms are quite cheap. The CPM is low and conversion is high. This is truer for the Instagram Stories ads.

Create smart and personalized campaigns for each platform, have the right CTA and see the rewards pour in quickly.

2.Don’t run after Google Ads

In recent times, Google ads have become quite expensive. And their conversion has dropped as well.

So, don’t run after Google PPC until you have a thorough plan and you're sure of sufficient ROI.

3.Go big on LinkedIn

Ads on LinkedIn are expensive. However, in recent times, the organic reach and engagement on the platform have seen a massive surge.

So, especially if you’re in B2B, start spending more time on LinkedIn. Have a unique strategy for the platform. Produce personalized contents for LinkedIn posts, as well as Pulse.

4.Build an Email List

There's no reason for anyone to not build an email list. It still remains one of the best and most intimate forms of communication. People still pay more attention to their emails.

Moreover, when you have an email list, you enjoy full control of people's attention that you can influence rather easily.

These are four simple tips on how you should shift your strategy to redefine its overall approach and focus more on underpriced attention. If needed, for additional assistance, hire the best digital marketing company in USA.

Remember, attention is the asset. It's the best asset for your business. The more you optimize your strategies for underpriced attention, the more will you win.

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