Can You Rank #1 On Google With Zero Backlinks?

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Can You Rank #1 On Google With Zero Backlinks?

Link building is not easy… Not at least building good quality backlinks.

Ask an SEO agency Canada or in the US, UK, India or anywhere in the world – they have dedicated link building teams. There’s a reason why! It’s a tell-tale for two things:

One, as mentioned, the task is not easy.

Second, it is important that’s why agencies have dedicated resources to take care of it. In fact, backlinks are one of the two most important search ranking factors. They improve the discoverability of a URL for the search crawlers. Also, they send signals about the page’s quality, context, and value; they underline the page’s credibility and reliability.

So, backlinks, behind the curtain, do more than just what meets the eyes.

But that said, it’s not impossible to rank #1 on Google with zero backlinks. There are numerous examples of this where a website manages to rank high on SERP – if not at #1 position then at least on the first page – without any backlinks.

3 Things to make it Happen

However, there are caveats to this. For one, this works only when you’re targeting low-competition keywords – keywords that have almost negligible competition. Meaning, you should ideally be in a micro-niche. Second, the website should be technically adept. It must trade well in technical SEO. Third, the on-page content should be great in quality and complement the E-A-T guideline well.

No Guarantee. You Depend on Chance.

However, even with all these broad steps, the chances of ranking #1 on Google with zero backlinks are relatively low.

This is why it’s better to make a bit of effort and invest in link building to get almost assured results (provided other SEO requirements are met) – than to avoid backlinks and “hope” for better ranking.

So, start building good quality backlinks. “Good quality” is a keyword here.

Give these two blog posts a quick read:

If you need help getting high-quality and relevant backlinks, do consider connecting with a digital marketing company in UK, US, Canada or India. Have SEO experts of link building specialists by your side, tap on their experience, and stride forward confidently to build a solid backlink portfolio.

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