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27th June 2022

Contextual Marketing: All You Need to Know (Part 1/3)

Contextual marketing is about understanding the context of your target audience and then creating content that will resonate with them. It's about creating content that is relevant and targeted to their needs, interests, and concerns.

In this quick guide, we will cover everything about contextual marketing, even highlighting every top digital marketing company in Kolkata is betting big on this strategy. Let's get started!

What is contextual marketing?

Contextual marketing is the practice of using data and insights to create content that is tailored to the needs of consumers in a given context. This could be around product or service use, location, time of day, or other factors.

Contextual marketing involves applying a set of rules that are crafted specifically for each situation. For example, if you are running a restaurant and want to target people who are on their way home from work at 8 pm at night, you can use analytics to determine where they live and when they get off work. You then send them an offer for dinner in your restaurant at 8 pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

Contextual marketing is not just about creating customized messages for specific customers; it's also about creating unique offers for those customers based on their behaviors and preferences.

How does contextual marketing work?

Contextual advertising allows advertisers to reach highly specific audiences based on their interests, behaviors, and past experiences. This allows marketers to target customers with relevant content they're likely to engage with, which leads to higher engagement and sales.

For example, if a car manufacturer wanted to run a campaign for its new model of cars in the city of Chicago, it would need to first find out what types of people live in that city. Then, it could use contextual targeting tools such as Facebook's Custom Audiences tool to reach those individuals who have visited the website or used the app in the past year or so.

The potential uses for this marketing strategy are endless: You can target your customers based on specific interests (e.g., music, sports) or demographics (e.g., age range). You can also target people at a particular time of day or week using geosocial targeting - meaning that you can reach people who are currently within a certain radius from where you are located at that moment in time.

Contextualize your marketing to drive better ROI

As mentioned earlier, every top digital marketing company in Kolkata is leveraging the power of contextual marketing to enable their clients with higher growth. Even all SEO company in Sydney Australia are rallying behind it. Follow suit!

Deep-dive into data to unearth critical insights. Use those insights to personalize your marketing campaigns to achieve higher relevance per the audience persona.

If needed, get help from experts in creating and refining your contextual marketing strategy. In case you're still not sold, in the next part we have discussed the benefits of contextual marketing. Go here to read: Contextual Marketing: All You Need to Know (Part 2/3)

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