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11th May 2019

3 Digital Marketing Opportunities in 2019 That will Go Away

Not all trends come to stay. Similarly, not all tactics remain universal and evergreen. Things come and go.

At present, there exist a handful of high-value opportunities in digital marketing that companies can tap on easily to scale their business. And these are opportunities that will eventually fade in the next couple of years or so.

So, act today... Execute these following steps and dominate the digital scene in 2019 before they are rendered invaluable or over-leveraged:

1. Invest Instagram Stories Ads

The Stories ads on Instagram are highly underpriced right now. And they deliver very high ROI. Once the big brands recognize this, they are definitely going to source a large chunk of their resources here. So, before they jump in, get in the game. Invest big on Instagram ads. Create engaging images and videos (like whiteboard), hook your audience and make the conversion. It’s cheap and promises higher returns.

2. Ace LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn, today, stands as a full-fledged communication channel. And it’s a haven for the B2B in particular. At the moment, the organic reach on the platform is very high. And given it homes a large number of decision-makers, an effective content strategy can help you win their attention and make the conversion. So, produce high-quality contents on LinkedIn – as normal posts, as well as articles on Pulse. Because the organic reach and engagement will, eventually, decline just as it happened with Facebook.

3. Quality contents in large volume

It has never been this straightforward. Today, the simplest way to grow in the digital sphere is to produce high-quality contents, across all channels, in large volume. The more content you produce, the more will it help you gain more attention. And the more attention you have, the more opportunities will you find to convert your prospects. A few years from now, this tactic will be over-done, which will finally diminish its engagement and return value.


These are three digital marketing opportunities that you must tap in 2019. Because a year or two from now, everyone will be doing the same thing. And you wouldn’t see as much reward then as you would do if you execute them today...

Similar to email marketing. When it started, the open rate was as high as 90 percent for all; today, the majority barely touch the 10 percent mark. Or, Google AdWords. When it started, the campaigns were worth a cent-a-click; today, the CPC for some keywords even reaches $47.

Act today. Hire one of the best digital marketing companies in USA and work together.

In case, if you’ve already got a company by your side offering affordable SEO services California based, redefine your strategies, set newer goals, and start the execution from afresh.


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