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24th April 2019

How Many Blog Posts Should You Publish On Your Company’s Website?

In 2015, HubSpot published blogging frequency data collected from over 13,500 marketers and agencies. The report said that those who blogged for 16+ times every month received the most traffic and leads.

It has been 4 years since then. A lot has changed in the game. Google RankBrain is the talk of the town. Semantic SEO is fast becoming a part of the conversations. And still that "16+ times", in the absence of any credible data, remains an industry-benchmark.

How Often Should You Publish Blog Posts?

Away from this old data, if looked broadly across different industries, there's no definite answer to this question.

The most important factor here is whether one *needs* to publish regularly or it's a luxury content marketing strategy. For example, the news websites. To keep their audience updated, it's imperative that they publish tens and hundreds of blog posts per day. On the other hand, an acne-clearing brand doesn’t necessarily have that bulk need to publish contents every day.

So, the foremost consideration is whether one *needs* to publish so often or not.

Following, it comes down to own SEO and content marketing strategy, which, itself, is subjective to various factors, like industry type, brand recognition, competitors' strategies and resources at disposal.

There are businesses who get thousands and thousands of monthly views by publishing only a handful of contents on their blog. And then there are those who achieve that by consistently pushing new blog posts.

So, there's no one magical answer. "How often should you publish a blog post?" There's no one answer.


It is true that, today, to stay relevant and competitive, producing as many pieces of content as possible -- on your blog and across different communication channels -- is the simplest and most effective tactic.

However, even that, for optimized returns, must be well-thought through and strategized.

So, depending on your needs and resources, you should definitely strive to publish more blog posts on your company's website. But then know why you’re pushing these contents, what you’re trying to achieve, and whether or not are they working to help you with your goals.

Hire an SEO Agency

For best result (and less confusion), instead of having your in-house team rely on the DIY steps, hire a good search engine optimization services provider that also offers content writing services.

These agencies, drawing from their experience and leveraging their resource, can help you with an ace SEO strategy that includes the right amount of content, pushing your brand to achieve its digital goals swiftly and effectively.


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