Search Engine Optimization

29th August 2023

Kreative Machinez

Google Maps Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Google Maps, often used for directions, is equally important for businesses aiming to connect with local customers. By…

10th March 2023

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Try These 11 KPIs to Measure Your SEO Success

You have a great SEO strategy… but is it really as effective as it looks? What are the…

24th April 2019

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How Many Blog Posts Should You Publish On Your Company’s Website?

In 2015, HubSpot published blogging frequency data collected from over 13,500 marketers and agencies. The report said that…

27th September 2018

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Important Updates on Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Back in August, Google dropped a major ‘broad core algorithm update’. However, the change - although an important…

11th April 2018

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5 Steps to Change Your SEO Strategy for Semantic Searches

While semantic search is the old news in the SEO space now, many people are still confused how…

20th June 2016

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Search Engine Optimization- 6 Secret Practices That You Don’t Know (But Want To!)

Google “Search Engine Optimization” and we bet you will come across blogs and articles that talks about the…