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20th June 2016

Search Engine Optimization- 6 Secret Practices That You Don’t Know (But Want To!)

Google “Search Engine Optimization” and we bet you will come across blogs and articles that talks about the same cliché and vague SEO practices. They will tell you to make quality content, build links optimize images and use keywords effectively, but leave out the most important part- “How?” How to do all these things? How do you use keywords efficiently? What exactly is the definition of ‘quality content’ for search bots? How do you optimize the images efficiently? And so forth.

Well, if you’re already tired listening (or reading) such ambiguous SEO practices and want something more, something definite, you’re in for luck. Here we bring you 8 detail secrets of SEO world, known only to the inner clan.

Keep reading and don’t share them with anyone.

  1. Start titles with the keyword-

Starting your Header1 title with the keyword will give your content more weight on SERPs. If you look at the title of this post itself, it begins with the keywords. Also, it is a good practice, when writing blog, article or any web content, try to introduce your keyword (s) right in the first paragraph.

  1. The length of Permalink

Keep the length of the Permalinks short- anywhere between 3-5 words. And these 3-5 words must also include your target keywords.

  1. Include outbound links

Link to other relevant and authority websites (only when it makes sense, of course). Don’t overdo this though; include 2-3 such links on every post. Use Google Console or any other tool to make sure the ratio of internal and outbound juice link is 1:1.

  1. Increase the use of Multimedia

Aside making your content more engaging and eye-catchy (which subsequently improves the bounce rate), Images and Videos contribute in SEO too. So ensure the size of the image is right (so as not to hamper the speed of your website); add caption, alt tags and include keywords in the original name of that image (which probably would be lying on your desktop from where you have uploaded the file).

  1. Avoid JavaScript

Complex JavaScript structure is known to slow down the speed of the webpage, which reflects badly on SERP. So avoid using this language because it sometimes hampers the speed of website and not because of the myth that Google bots have trouble crawling JavaScript.

  1. The ‘quality content’

How well is your content organized, how many times you have used your target keywords and how big is the blog/article- all these must hit the chords correctly to make a ‘quality content’ that Google appreciates. Avoid using keywords excessively (keywords density is a thing of the past) and keep the length of the content long- anywhere between 1500 to 2000 words.

These are the 6 secrets and definite SEO techniques that you should practice starting today to rule Google (and Yahoo and Bing) SERP. Or better, dial professionals and seek their search engine optimization services.

(And oh, by the way, Welcome to the inner circle!)

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