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3rd April 2021

Increase Website Engagement in 2021: Why and How (Part 2/2)

If you didn’t read the previous post, please check it out here: Increase Website Engagement in 2021: Why and How (Part 1/2)

Here are the next 3 tips to increase website engagement:

3. Publish High-Quality Content For Website Engagement

Imagine you visited a website and consumed the content. You found that content very helpful and interesting. The chances of you staying back and checking out other pieces of content on that domain is very high.

This is the power of good quality content.

High quality content will provide you more opportunities to better engage with your target audience on the site.

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4. Make Changes To The Design

This isn’t necessary but in many cases it is required.

There are so many things that can be wrong with the website design – from the font size and style to padding, navigation, sidebars and footer.

For instance, if the font size is too small or too large, which results in poor reading experience, visitors would leave without engaging with the site.

Similarly, if the navigation on the website is hidden, inconsistent or irrelevant, the bounce rate could be high.

So, audit your existing website design. Is there any room for engagement? Are there any gaps that could be hurting the site’s engagement? Figure out and make improvements accordingly.

If you need help, find a good digital marketing company Australia that also has a strong team of developers. Hire them!

5. Adopt Human Voice

This could sound vague but it’s important to note.

If your content isn’t engaging, why would someone engage with it?

So, the cornerstone of this whole process is to not only publish high-quality and relevant content but also ensure the content is engaging enough. A key ingredient for that is adopting a human voice.

People want to engage with content that directly talks to them; content that addresses their pain points and responds promptly.

Make your existing content more humane; at least the pages that get more traffic. Tweak their tone and style. Transform them into being more conversational.

Final words

These are five effective and actionable tips to improve your website engagement.

Improved user engagement on the website will subsequently boost your search ranking, increase the number of leads generated, build a brand, and unlock plenty of other direct and indirect benefits.

So, start focusing on this front. In case if you need any help or assistance, get in touch with a good digital marketing agency San Jose and have experts by your side.

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