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14th May 2021

Is It Too Late for Video Marketing?

“Invest in video marketing!”

For long, this was the go-to tip of every marketer and the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata and across the world. Those brands that rallied behind it saw exponential growth, while others struggled.

Today, the digital space is too saturated in context to videos. For instance, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Almost every type of business is producing a significant amount of video content across all channels. This results in many people wondering whether it’s too late to invest in video marketing for those who still haven't optimally explored this avenue. If you’re one of those asking this question, there’s good news and bad news.

Videos are Consumed Extensively

More people now prefer to consume videos online than to read. (Of course, this doesn’t mean text content is obscure!) The same video marketing statistics underline that we watch 1+ billion hours of YouTube videos a day. So, there’s no dearth of consumers willing to watch your videos. In that, it’s not late at all to invest in video marketing. In fact, given just how incredibly high the ROI that videos can deliver if planned and executed well, it’s almost essential now for brands to spend a large chunk of their digital marketing budget on videos. This is good news for those wondering if it’s too late to get serious about video marketing. The bad news is...

The Need to Beat Competition

People won’t watch your videos just because you’re publishing them. There are thousands and thousands of brands attempting to hook their (shortening) attention through videos. Consumers’ social media feeds are filled with video content. There are infinite options for them. Meaning, as mentioned earlier, the market is indeed saturated. So, to really benefit from your video marketing efforts, you need to have a defined strategy on how you’re going to edge the competition. Some of the basic things you can try to beat the competition are:

  • Produce video content in large quantity
  • Ultra-personalize the videos to target micro-segments
  • Tap on the power of animated videos
  • Run video ads to attract top-of-the-funnel attention
  • Tell better stories that are integrated into your brand identity and values
  • Focus on driving engagement than making sales
  • Work with any of the digital marketing agencies Australia, USA or India that specialize in video marketing

In the end, while it’s not late to get serious about video marketing, the world is certainly past those days when your generic videos and strategies would bring you good results. So, think differently and create a better video marketing strategy that’s tailored to the needs and challenges of today.

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