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20th December 2022

Running Ads on Twitter? Don’t Make These 9 Mistakes

Twitter has all the attention in the world right now. And where there’s attention, there’s opportunity.

A lot of business owners (startups in specific, with legacy brands as a big exception) have refined their strategic approach towards Twitter, putting more of their ad spending on this microblogging site. And every top digital marketing company in London believes this trend will continue in the coming months.

If you’re planning to run on Twitter as well, avoid these nine critical mistakes:

Not Using Compelling Visuals and Copy

The visuals and copy used in a Twitter ad are important for catching the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to take action. Business owners should make sure to use compelling visuals and copy that will grab the attention of their target audience and encourage them to engage with the ad.

Not Properly Defining Their Target Audience

It's important for business owners to have a clear understanding of who their target audience is on Twitter. This will help ensure that the ads they run are being shown to the right people, which can increase their effectiveness and ultimately lead to better results.

Not Setting Specific Goals for the Ad Campaign

Business owners need to have specific goals in mind when running a Twitter ad campaign. Without clear goals, it can be difficult to measure the success of the campaign and make necessary adjustments.

Not Properly Setting Their Budget

Setting a budget for a Twitter ad campaign is crucial to avoid overspending. Business owners should carefully consider how much they are willing to spend on their ads and ensure that their budget is adequate for the campaign goals.

Not Using Hashtags and Twitter Handles Properly

Hashtags and Twitter handles can be useful tools for increasing the visibility of a Twitter ad and reaching a wider audience. However, it's important to use them properly to avoid spamming and other negative effects.

Not Utilizing Targeting Options

Twitter offers a range of targeting options that allow businesses to show their ads to specific users based on their interests, behaviors, and other factors. Not taking advantage of these options can limit the reach and effectiveness of a Twitter ad campaign.

Not Engaging with Users who Respond to the Ad

Engaging with users who respond to a Twitter ad can be an effective way to build relationships and encourage further engagement with the brand. Business owners should make sure to regularly monitor their ads and respond to any user feedback or questions.

Not Regularly Monitoring and Analyzing Their Campaign Performance

It's important for business owners to regularly monitor and analyze the performance of their Twitter ad campaigns in order to identify any issues and make necessary adjustments. This will help ensure that the ads are performing well and delivering the desired results.

Not A/B testing Different ad Variations

A/B testing, or split testing, involves creating multiple versions of an ad and showing each version to a different group of users to see which one performs better. This can help businesses determine the most effective ad copy, visuals, and other elements.

Need help?

Instead of opting for the DIY route, get help from experts to steer clear of common mistakes and achieve better results.

Get in touch with the best SMO company in Kolkata and get help from Twitter experts to make the most of your advertisement spending.

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