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9th September 2022

Six Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes

It is more difficult to grow your Instagram marketing business this year. The organic reach has declined – and so has the engagement rate.

So, using the same growth techniques may not necessarily work if you’re looking to gain more followers and drive higher engagement.

A key here is to avoid the common pits and stay on the right lane.

Here are six Instagram marketing mistakes you must sidestep in this year:

1) Not Publishing The Carousels

Carousels are a popular feature on Instagram. They allow you to display multiple images at once, and it's an efficient way to showcase your brand or publish educational content. Carousels have higher engagement. They demand more attention.

2) Not Publishing Reels

Instagram Reels have a much wider reach; they have higher discovery. So, if you're not posting Reels very frequently, you're missing out on an opportunity that will very soon go away. Publish educational Reels. Or use Reels to talk about your products or show the human side of your brand by including your team members.

3) Publishing Frequency Is Very Low

The frequency of your posts is one of the most important factors in your Instagram marketing strategy. If you publish too infrequently, then your discovery will be low. It can also lead to a drop in engagement and a decrease in organic reach among your existing followers.

4) Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most powerful tools that Instagram has to offer. They allow you to connect with non-followers who might not even see your post if it wasn’t for a particular hashtag. But when it comes to Instagram marketing, you have to make sure that the hashtag you choose is relevant to your business and the content inside the post. If not, the engagement will be low. And very few people, if any, will follow your account.

5) Not Engaging With Other Accounts

Instagram is a social account; there's a social element to it. If you're just publishing content and not engaging with other users, your reach and engagement will be low. This is especially true for new accounts or accounts with few followers. So, do leave comments under others' posts. When someone has left a common on your posts, respond to them. DM influencers for networking and co-marketing purposes.

6) Not Spending Time On Analytics

Instagram analytics allow you to track the performance of your posts over time. This will give you data about how many likes, comments, and shares each post gets, as well as when people interact with it and why they do so. Such data can help you uncover newer growth opportunities.

Get Help From Experts

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