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23rd April 2021

The Biggest Digital Marketing Investment You Need to Make in 2021

The more content you produce, the more opportunities you will discover to achieve your digital goals (leads, sales, retention, brand-building). And this is something many digital marketing agencies Australia, the US, UK, India, and across the world abide by now. They produce an enormous amount of content for their clients.

However, blindly publishing more content isn’t an answer. If you’re looking to optimize your returns, you need to be more thoughtful about different aspects of content creation so to check the right boxes and improve your desired metrics.

One of the key aspects is the format of the content. Over the years, videos have taken away the most attention. “Invest in video marketing” has remained a go-to marketing strategy for many. In recent times though, things have slightly changed. While videos remain just as important - and so do the text-audio has segued its way into the mainstream as well. Podcasts were already popular, underlining the penetration of audio in the digital landscape. In addition, the latest rally behind pinpoints the same fact as to where we’re heading.

We’re heading to an audio dominant world where more people would engage with audios. And rightly so! Unlike reading or watching a video, you can listen to the audio and do other things as well. It saves time. It’s more convenient to engage with.

Centralize Your Digital Marketing Strategy on Audio

This shifting trend towards audio is a tell-tale of where brands and SMBs need to steer towards and what they need to prioritize. The biggest and most important digital marketing investment you need to make in 2021 and beyond is audio. Set up a small studio to record audios. Start a podcast. Post small audio clips across social media platforms. Amp your audio distribution efforts. Try different types of audio content and see which ones are working better. Convert your pillar content in audio format.

Centralize a part of your digital marketing strategy on audio. Invest more in this department. Become one of the early adopters and stay ahead in the game. If you need help, get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Consult experts. Get their help in creating a digital marketing strategy for the now and future.

Audio Version : Click Here

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