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7th September 2018

The Changing Game of SEO

All the top SEO companies in Kolkata, India, would agree to this: Search Engine Optimization is much more than just the keywords research, backlinks and content creation. At least today! The game has taken a big shift in recent times; even more dynamic following the rise of Google RankBrain, an AI-based system that processes search results without any manual handling.

So, if you’re still clinging to the same-old, same-old, no wonder you aren’t seeing any evident result. Your website traffic is still low, conversion is marginal and you’re far away from your digital goals. Thankfully though, adapting to this shift in the core of SEO is fairly straightforward. Sure, it’s going to take some strategic work and time. But if you’re persistent in your strides, the rewards would be much more than what the spray-and-pray optimization techniques have delivered you till now. Here are 3 key components of the changing game of SEO:

(I)Smart content

When content marketing barged into the scene, the misconstrued idea was that one must create as much content as they possibly could. And many, in fact, did the same, shelling unlimited content. And a lot of them did see good result. However, soon it dawned, the approach was unsustainable and returns inconsistent.

As it stands today, blindly creating contents is an absurd idea whose effectiveness hang high on chances. Today, that concept has been replaced for the business owners with 'Smart Content'.

Each of your article, blog posts, webpages and PRs must have a distinct purpose and be targeted to a unique audience base. They must be crafted smartly around the individual needs, requirements, and preferences of the targeted audience. In short, whatever text and visual content you create, it must be smart to achieve a well-defined goal.

(II)High conversion

No more is website traffic the most important metric. These days, the smart business owners, rightly so, are focusing more on CTR and conversion. In fact, the conversion rate has become the single most important thing in the SEO world. You can bring thousands of visitors to your website but if only tens are of them are actually purchasing the products, what good does all the effort of attracting the remaining traffic do?

Much like in every business department, to achieve maximum ROI, result optimization has become an important part of even digital strategies. So, if want high returns from your investment (of time and resource), you must start focusing on the conversion rate—how many people are really buying the product?

If you want more, here are 5 critical SEO metrics you must look at.


We’re heading towards link-less future of link building. Search engines are picking brand mentions even when there’s no link involved, using it as one of the ranking factors. This is where having a well-recognized brand name comes to play an extremely important role in SEO. Because it’s relatively easier to get brand mentions than get a DoFollow backlink.

Similarly, branding also helps at the user-end. Provided the choice, a person would usually click on the result of a well-known brand over someone who’s new and less-known. Meaning, branding also helps greatly in Click-Through Rate and Conversion.

So, you need to breathe some life in your brand name, décor it with a personalized story and put it forth in the market. Create advertisement campaigns around your brand and not products. Once people start recognizing the brand name and what it stands for, it will automatically start generating you organic traffic, leads and more sales.

These are 3 key components of the changing landscape of SEO. Instead of chasing the same-old keywords, backlinks, and other technical factors, you need to steer your digital strategies and incorporate in them the mentioned three components. So, outsource some of the best SEO, content and social media marketing companies in Kolkata, power-up your in-house team and work to give your digital presence a big and sustainable boost.

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