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17th January 2022

10 SEO-related Questions You Should Have Answers For (Part 3/3)

Read part 2 of this three-part series here: 10 SEO-related Questions You Should Have Answers For (Part 2/3)

What should be the length of your headline?

Your headline is very important. You have less than a second to get your visitor's attention and make them want to read more, so you must make it count.

The ideal length for a headline is six words. That gives you enough room to give some background information, an idea of what the page is about, and an incentive to stay on your site. If you can say all that in six words, it holds more weight than if you only say three.

The reason why this works is that most people read only the first and last three words of a headline, so if you can do all of that in six words, it will work best.

Admittedly, wrapping the headline under six words may not always be possible. But again, that’s an “ideal” length that you should aim for. It’s okay if it gets longer than that. In general, from the SEO point of view, try to keep the title length within 65 characters.

How many backlinks does your site need?

You need enough good-quality backlinks to beat the competition, but not so many that Google thinks you're trying to 'game' the system.

The truth is that there's no hard and fast rule for how many backlinks you need. That's because the number of links necessary depends on both your competition and the ranking factors for your specific keywords, like keyword difficulty.

So, at large, you should focus on getting as many high-quality, relevant and natural backlinks as you can.

Also, it's worth noting that backlinks are just one of the many search engine ranking factors. So, don't spend all your time on that. Address other aspects of SEO as well. For example, since the Page Experience algorithm update, the UX of your website is very critical now. So, if your website doesn’t deliver a good experience to the visitors, it’s going to fail in the SEO game. Hire a good web development company and improve the UX side of your website.

Why is your site’s traffic declining?

There are many reasons why your site’s traffic would go down, and most of the time, the causes are beyond your control.

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm (one update per month on average), so if you notice a sudden drop in traffic, chances are there was a recent Google update.

If you notice a sudden drop-off in organic traffic after making changes to your website, it may be because Google thinks you’re trying to game the system.

It’s also possible that you’ve been hit by a penalty and didn’t even know it! If your site suddenly starts experiencing a major drop in traffic without any major changes, try going through this checklist of possible penalties and fixes.

Google’s algorithm takes into account the quality of your content, website speed, and many other factors when determining whether or not your website deserves to rank.

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons why your organic traffic has dropped. It requires a thorough analysis of your website and SEO strategy at large. You should ideally connect with a good digital marketing company Kolkata and seek their help.

Can you buy backlinks?

The answer to the question "can you buy backlinks" is a YES.

But the answer to the question of "should you buy backlinks" is a resounding NO!

Why? Because it's against Google's Webmaster Guidelines. And if you get caught, your site will get penalized.

Besides, there are better and ethical ways to get backlinks. And these white-hat backlinks can yield much better results in the long run.

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Final words

These are some of the common SEO-related questions that we get asked every so often.

If you still have more questions, feel free to reach out to us. Or better yet, let us take care of your SEO while you focus on the operational side of the business. Kreative Machinez is one of the fastest emerging digital marketing agencies in Eastern India. Get in touch with our experts today and let’s work together to get your website to dominate SERP for relevant keywords.

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