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14th April 2020

3 Tips To Optimize Your Digital Marketing Budget During A Pandemic

A lot has changed - and a lot more will change. Consumer purchasing behavior is at the top of that list.

During this economic contraction, hammered worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, your customers might not have the money to purchase your products. Even if they do, it’s unlikely that they would spare the sum liberally. Their purchasing behavior has shifted per their preference, financial standing, and requirement of the now.

Keeping this change in your target audience at the center, your budget allocation in digital marketing must also change to stay relevant and optimally put.

Of course, digital marketing budget optimization has never been a clean concept for many. It’s challenging to make the most of your investment; organizations often hire best digital marketing companies in Kolkata for consultation here.

To help you with that…

Here are 3 tips to optimize your digital marketing budget during a pandemic:

1. Go after low-cost ads

Many business owners have reduced their digital marketing budget. The spending on paid ads has decreased. This lower demand has cascaded to reduce PPC and CPM.

So, at present, the cost of paid ads has come down by a significant margin. You can easily tap on this.

Invest in low-cost ads, boost your discoverability, reach out to more people, and drive engagement. This is a great time to spend on relevant paid ads.

2. Look at the numbers

Head over to your analytics tool and go through the numbers.

Find out the platforms and avenues that are bringing you the highest returns in terms of traction and engagement.

Double-down your efforts and spending on platforms where your ROI is the highest to multiply your benefits.

3. More resourceful content

Get more content produced – for your website blog, social media platforms, and every other relevant channel.

Your audience might not be ready to buy your products but they sure are looking to consume more resourceful content. So, serve them more content that has high utility and entertainment value. This is a key element in brand-building.

Hire one of the best SEO companies in Kolkata that employs a team of content writers and bloggers. Get them to produce more of relevant content across all major platforms.


These are three tips to optimize your digital marketing budget during a pandemic. At a time when your audience might not have the money to purchase your products, it’s essential that you allocate your marketing money on the right platforms and in the right strategies.

It’s a great opportunity to build groundwork for your brand, outdo competitors, and position yourself strongly so when the economy is back on track you can take your business to newer heights.

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