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3rd October 2019

31 Quick Tips To Increase Website Traffic In Less Than A Month

Straight to the point... No BS.

You want to increase your website traffic. And this article will tell you exactly that.

Here are 31 quick tips on how to increase your website traffic in as less as 30 days:

1. Produce more content. Publish at least one blog post a day. Today, the quantity of the content is just as important as the quality of the content.

2. Revamp, repurpose and republish your old blog posts. Optimize them better.

3. Focus on long-form content; aim for at least 1500 words count.

4. Don’t just stuff your seed keyword in the content and make the piece look spam. Focus on a wide range of primary, secondary and LSI keywords.

5. Use more images in your blog posts. Include at least one image every 150-word.

6. Embed videos in the content. It improves dwell time and session duration.

7. When writing Meta tags, focus more on CTR and not ranking. Don’t stuff keywords. Instead, make it sound meaningful, relevant and interesting.

8. Format your content properly. Make sure there’s enough whitespace.

9. Have multiple squeeze, lead generation, and sales pages – created uniquely to target different segments of your target audience. This will provide you with enough opportunities to generate traffic through diverse keywords.

10. Create content per a sales funnel. Have generic, high-value content at ToFu. Following, focus more on your brand and product/service at BoFu. Be strategic in your CRO.

11. Avoid intrusive pop-ups, sliders and welcome mats.

12. Do not optimize the site for search engines. Optimize it for UX. Hire a good SEO company in India for assistance.

13. Start guest blogging. Pick a handful of authority websites in your niche, and then write for them. This is one of the best link building techniques.

14. Avoid wasting time in social bookmarking, PBNs, and directory submission. The return they deliver in comparison to the time you spend is very less. They are not worth it now. (Use that time in creating more content! ;))

15. Interview relevant people in your niche and feature them on your site. They will share the audience with their respective audiences, which will drive you traffic.

16. Get on ALL major social media platforms – from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram. Post on the regularly.

17. Don’t post the same, generic content across all social media. Contextualize the content to suit the native-ness of that platform.

18. Be VERY ACTIVE on LinkedIn. At present, it is the hottest digital property for engagement and conversion.

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19. Build a brand. Meaning, in your digital marketing strategy, whatever you do, focus more on your brand name; treat it like an entity. Add more trust value to it. Because with the pace Google algorithm is changing with vague broad updates, it’s essential now to rely more on direct traffic than SERP.

20. Up your email marketing game. Build an email list. And keep the subscribers engaged with relevant, helpful and interesting emails.

21. Use YouTube videos and even podcasts to create buzz around your brand. This will increase your website traffic indirectly.

22. Invest in paid ads on social media. Instagram is still cheap. Facebook is well-priced. LinkedIn is a bit expensive. Pick the right platform that fits your ROI expectations.

23. Don’t rely too much on Google Ads unless the CPC is low or moderate.

24. Spy your close competitors using tools like SEMrush and see the keywords that are generating them the most traffic. Follow their suit. Start targeting the same keywords.

25. Encourage people to share your blog content.

26. Focus on reducing your bounce rate and increasing session duration. These two are key ranking factors that can positively affect your SEO.

27. Fix your website design and structure around good UX. Make it more appealing, friendly and easy-to-use. For help, hire one of the top web development companies.

28. Improve the loading speed of your website. Aim to keep it less than 3 seconds.

29. Collaborate with bloggers, influencers, and even your competitors.

30. Create expert roundup posts.

31. Check analytics and make small improvements every day.

These are 31 quick tips to increase your website traffic quickly.

If you still need help, get in touch with Kreative Machinez.


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