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21st August 2019

5 Radical Digital Marketing Tips For Startups That Guarantee Success

No matter the marvel of your product, unless you market it properly, it would remain invisible in the crowd of competitors.

But then marketing products or brands is no easy.

At a time when strategy seems to be taking a backseat and creativity is becoming a key variable of success, companies are struggling to achieve the desired results in digital marketing.

If you’re one of these companies – if you’re not working with an agency that offers best digital marketing services in India – this sweet, short, simple but super-powerful guide is for you.

Here are 5 radical digital marketing tips for the startups to take their business to newer heights:

1.Get VERY Serious About Brand Building

This is “radical” because the majority of the startups do not spend enough on their brand.

Instead, working under the pressure of VCs and not exactly for the customers, they function with short-term goals. They focus more on sales, which leads them to take money-driven actions that aren’t always in favor of the company itself.

If you’re serious about the sustainability of your startup, shift your gear from being “sales-centric” to “brand-centric”.

Not that they can’t go hand-in-hand, but one must always have an upper hand.

And in case of startups, it should always be brand. Because once everything is done and dusted, a business always survives on the back of its brand credibility and trust value – and NOT how much revenue it generated last year!

So, map your digital marketing strategy around branding and not short-term sales goals.

2.Produce As Much (Quality) Content As You Can

Today, the quantity of the content is just as important as its quality.

To stay ahead in the game, to outdo the competitors and to have maximum attention of the end consumers - you need to produce high-quality, relevant content in bulk, in different formats, across multiple channels.

From blog posts, Medium Stories, and LinkedIn’s Pulse to Tweets, Insta Stories, YouTube videos, slideshares, and more - your brand must be everywhere to eliminate friction with the target audience and for seamless communication.

So, hire more content creators in your team to produce more content every day.

3.Take The Task of Community Management Seriously

There are two ways to deal with content: one, create it; two, engage with it. While you’re already creating content, at the same time you must also engage with others’ content for maximum return.

Build a team of community managers that keep your brand active online.

Respond to people’s comment, retweet relevant tweets, leave comments on videos, join influencers in meaningful conversations.

Effective community management will expand your brand’s reach, improving its identity and promoting its human-factor, which is very important for successful branding.

4.(Sweetly) Argue With Your CFO

In #2, you’re hiring more content creators.

In #3, you’re hiring more community managers.

In addition, for better brand building, quick acquisition and high retention, you might even have to offer free stuff, goodies, trials of your products and more.

(For example, contests are a great way to foster brand engagement on social media. Good prize gifts can further improve brand likeability.)

All such extra investments on marketing/branding, some of which can’t be measured in numbers but add in perpetuity, might create conflict with your Chief Financial Officer.

CFO is responsible to manage money in the company. So, she/he might not necessarily approve such long-term investments.

At times like these, it’s important that you empower your creative team and take a stand against CFO.

Of course, don’t be confrontational. After all, everyone wants good for the company.

Communicate and work out a middle path where your marketing/branding activities aren’t compromised.

5.Use Your Employees and Work Culture As An Asset

All your employees use at least 2 social media channels. You can leverage their reach and personal circles to push your brand to a newer audience.

After all, word-of-mouth and recommendation marketing remain one of the most high-rewarding forms of marketing.

In fact, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends. Only 33 percent trust online ads.

So, create an in-house ecosystem where your employees feel comfortable, safe and happy. And once they are happy at their job, they would naturally talk about your brand on social channels through their personal profiles without you “demanding” them to do so – something the majority of the companies do for Glassdoor reviews! ;)

In addition, this is specific to B2B, you can also use your company’s culture as an asset to build a brand and win clients.

More and more B2B companies, today, are using Instagram to display their in-house culture through employees’ pictures and “fun time”.

This adds a human touch to their brands. And this plays out in the long-run for them because clients are more likely to work with brands/businesses that have faces and emotions than just a mere, vanilla digital existence.


These are 5 radical digital marketing tips for startups that guarantees success.

Sure, implementing them requires efforts, time and a thoughtful strategy. But then when something “guarantees” success, all the efforts are worth the rewards, don’t ya think?

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