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14th February 2022

5 Tips to Generate Leads Through SEO

If you’re the owner of a small business, no matter what your target market, it’s likely that you’ve considered implementing an SEO strategy to generate more leads.

Of course, the process of planning and execution is far from easy.

It is one of those things you should consider hiring a good digital marketing company that specializes in SEO and lead generation.

But if you’ve planned to go the DIY route, here are five tips that will help you generate leads through SEO:

Prioritize conversion-intent keywords

The type of keywords you choose for your SEO campaign can have a huge impact on your conversion rate. To get the most out of your SEO campaign, try focusing on high-volume, long-tail keywords that are more relevant to your business.

Since you're focused on lead generation, prioritize keywords that have higher conversion intent; target visitors (by focusing on the queries they are using) who are more likely to convert into leads; optimize your content with these keywords.

Increase the loading speed

Website speed is one of the biggest factors affecting SEO rankings, and your website needs to load quickly for users to stay happy and convert into leads.

This is why Google's PageSpeed Insights tool has such a big impact on the search engine rankings of websites, and this in turn has a massive impact on leads for businesses.

So, audit your website's speed. Improve that number if it isn't good already.

Manage online reviews

Reviews are an important factor in how Google ranks local businesses. They are considered a ranking signal; they help verify that your business is legitimate, as well as inform users about your business and products/services.

Good reviews about your products or brand can win the trust of new/first-time visitors, eventually convincing them to give you their contact details.

So, do manage your online reviews carefully; use these reviews on your website to build trust value.

Do a thorough content audit

An SEO content audit can provide you good insights into which content pieces are performing well, what topics your audience is connecting with the most, and where there may be gaps in your content strategy. The audit can be especially helpful in pinpointing what type of content your ideal lead prefers.

Audits can also help you get rid of any outdated or irrelevant content that doesn't align with your business or audience, so you can focus on creating more effective content pieces going forward.

Have a proper site structure

One of the most important aspects of SEO is site structure. Why?

First of all, it makes it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to index your pages and rank your content accordingly. When search engines are able to crawl your website, they can understand the main topic of each page and group them appropriately.

It's also important for customers and prospects from the UX POV. If you want to get found online, make sure you have a clear site structure that makes sense and is easy to navigate.

Final words

Overall, SEO can be a great method of generating leads. It all depends on your target market and the content you publish. Follow these tips while developing and implementing your SEO strategy and you’ll be well on your way to more leads in no time at all.

Of course, there are many other tips that can help you further; there are many more steps to craft a perfect SEO strategy that captures more leads. So, if you need help, get in touch with any of the top SEO companies in USA and tap on their expertise to skyrocket your lead generation efforts.

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