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20th April 2021

5 Tips to Increase Your Organic CTR in 2021

Click-through rate is one of the key search ranking factors. If your URL does manage to rank higher, but if people aren’t clicking on that result, its ranking will soon slip down. To maintain your higher position on SERP, you need to ensure people are clicking on that result; that its organic CTR is good.

Check your Google Search Console or Google Analytics and find out your organic CTR.

If it’s low, you need to take the necessary steps to improve the metric.

Here are five basic tips to help you increase organic CTR:

Tweak the headline- The headline/title is one of the key factors that people see and then decide whether they want to click on a result or not. If your headline isn’t engaging and appealing enough, people won’t click on it. In general, list-based and how-to headlines do better in getting traffic. Also, you should check the top-ranking results (for the keyword you want to rank) and see the kind of headline they have used. Tweak your own headline accordingly to make it unique and interesting (and non-clickbaity).

Improve your meta description- Once people are past the headline, to know what this result contains, they would look at the meta description to get more information. Search engines now, in many cases, pull meta description from any part of the page; something you can’t do anything about. But in case if they do pull the snippet you provide, you have to ensure that snippet is good, targeted, engaging, and interest-generating. So, do take time to write empathetic meta descriptions that mention people’s pain points and promise them fitting solutions.

Target the right keyword- This is very, very important. If your page isn’t ranking for the right keywords-if it’s ranking for wrong/irrelevant/untargeted keywords – of course, people wouldn’t click on it. For instance, say if you have published a review post “ABC review”. Now if this post is ranking for “ABC”, it won’t get clicks. Because people searching for “ABC” aren’t looking for review; they are looking for that “ABC” product. Their intent doesn’t match the result. So, do an audit and see if your URLs are ranking for untargeted keywords.

Implement schema markup- Schema markup is structured data that offers more information about the page to the search engine. Search engines then subsequently show this “more information” on SERP; like ratings, author name, search bar, sitelink, and more. When your search result is rich with such components, it automatically outstands others. This increases the chances of people clicking on it. So, implement structured data. If you don’t know how to, get in touch with one of the digital marketing companies in Kolkata and get help from their development team.

Make the URL human-friendly- First, make sure the URL is readable and doesn’t just randomly include static characters. Second, make sure the structure of the URL is meaningful, like “/category-1/sub-category-1/product-name/”. People can clearly understand this structure, which may then influence their decision to whether to click on the result or not. Audit your permalinks and ensure they are organized/structured and readable.

These are five tips to improve your organic CTR.

If you need help with SEO, consider getting help from professionals. Connect with a good SEO services company today.

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