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26th March 2019

8 Powerful Tips To Make Your Website Content SEO-Friendly

There are a few techniques that can bait search engines to love your website more. No kidding.

The affordable SEO services deploy the same techniques to help clients dominate Google and Bing. You can follow their suite and champion SEO.

No delays.

Here are 8 powerful tips to make your website content SEO-friendly that drives you more organic traffic:

1.Get rid of poor-quality contents

There are nothing more than a dead-weight, destroying your SEO-credibility and brand value.

So, audit all your old contents and delete those that are of poor-quality beyond fix.

2.Fix the problem of duplicate contents

While auditing, also find out duplicate contents.

Sure, duplicate contents do not negatively affect SEO and you can easily fix it using the canonical tag. However, when search engines crawl your duplicate contents, it's basically a waste of your crawl budget.

This is why either combine them that share similar topics OR get rid of the extra ones.

3.Increase the length of your exist blog posts

The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.

So, if you publish short-form contents regularly, it's time now to optimize the length.

Pick a few of your old blog posts that are supposedly your pillar contents and then increase their length. Make them more resourceful and in-depth.

Long contents rank higher, get more backlinks and are shared more on social media platforms.

4.Focus on long-tail keywords

Although it's a very clichéd and old SEO tip, you would be surprised just how many people ignore this. Don’t be one of them.

Optimize your website with relevant long-tail keywords.

5.Sprinkle LSI keywords everywhere

Search engines are no more focusing on keywords. They are looking at the intent of the contents and users' queries.

And this is where Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords become so very important.

Do thorough research on LSI keywords, which are basically the synonyms and related phrases of your primary keywords. And then sprinkle them throughout your website.

6.Rewrite all the headlines

8 out of 10 people will read headline copy. Only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

This clearly outlines the importance of writing attractive headlines. It directly affects the Click-Through Rate (CTR), which significantly influence the search rankings.

So, rewrite all the old, boring headlines on your website.

7.Use the header tags properly

While search bots are smart, you should still help them wherever you can.

Using header tags (H1, H2…) properly on your webpage helps search engines better understand the structure of your contents. This sends positive SEO signals, which increases the likelihood of your website ranking higher.

8.Improve your internal link building game

Link to other pages within your website inside blog posts and webpage copies.

It helps search engines better crawl your website, which sufficiently spreads the SEO juice all across your domain.

To that, linking to other relevant contents also deliver good user experience.

And with UX-centric factors (like CTR and Bounce Rate) becoming such an important consideration for Google and Big, this will eventually help your contents rank higher on SERP.


These are 8 powerful (but simple) tips that will make your website content more SEO-friendly, helping it rank higher on result pages and enjoy more organic traffic.

If you still encounter any problem or need professionals to do these for you, hire a good and affordable SEO agency today.

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