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13th September 2021

8 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working (Pt 1/2)

You even hired an SEO company Canada based for consultation. They gave a few tips. You implemented those tips – and still, nothing better happened.

Your SEO strategy isn’t working.

Your website ranks low on SERP for relevant keywords and organic traffic remains poor.

What to do now?

Given how dynamic the SEO landscape is, sometimes even the most well-thought strategy can fail. Contrarily, what you may think is, might not exactly be a “well-thought” strategy.

If your SEO strategy isn’t working, here are eight possible reasons:

You’re obsessed with keywords

Yes, keywords still matter. They are important.

However, the problem comes when you obsess over it; when you create your whole SEO strategy around keywords; when you create content around keywords.

Keywords are only one small part of SEO. Focusing too much on it may tie your strategy to old practices and tactics, which is a big mistake; this is also a big reason why your strategy won’t work.

You haven’t done competitive analysis

If you want to rank higher on SERP, someone has to rank lower. You would essentially be taking someone else’s spot, and the rest would slip down.

In that, it’s equally important to at least know and understand what others are doing.

The sites that are ranking high for your target keyword… What kind of content do they produce? Which sites have they gotten backlinks from? What’s the average size of their blog posts and what’s the publishing frequency of their blog? What’s their PageSpeed score? What’s their call to action? How does their social media game look?

Competitive analysis in SEO is very crucial. Accordingly, you should craft your own strategy.

So, if you haven’t done an analysis on your closer SERP-competitors, your SEO strategy might not be as effective.

There’s a big gap between SEO and UXO

SEO is now all about user experience. In fact, SEO is now UXO.

If your strategy isn’t shaped around delivering a good user experience to the visitors, no surprise that it’s rendering ineffective.

You need to fill the existing gap between SEO, which is mechanical, and UX, which is humane.

Your content isn’t “great”

This is as simple as it gets. Your content isn’t just good enough.

The blog posts you have published, as well as the webpages, just don’t bring as much value as others on SERP do. Plus, they don’t properly address the pain points of your buyer personas and the solution the latter expects.

Admittedly, auditing the “quality” of content is challenging; after all, “quality” itself is subjective.

However, SEO writing should follow the basic principles at a bare minimum. Hire an SEO company Kolkata to audit your published content and navigate you in the right direction from the content POV.

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